Thursday, November 24, 2011

Food Trippin' Boracay: Andok's

As our first meal in Boracay, we decided to go to D'Mall and see what we can have. There are a lot of option there but we ended up choosing Andok's Manok for our lunch.

Located at the middle of the D'Mall, you can find a small area where Andok's is. It is besides the other restaurants there with some tables and chairs for customers to dine in. You can have your order on their counter where you can also choose what is available there. You will then wait for your order to be served.

Most of the tables and chairs there are crammed and most of the time, guests occupy a large space leaving others few or none to go around. There are some rude people who doesn't even care about it and it is quite irritating, however, it is still tolerable. Since space is limited, some tables are not properly cleaned and also when it rains, they are all wet and are seldom cleaned by the crew. I guess you just have to figure out which area you would sit to avoid this.

Thankfully, orders are quick to arrive. We had a whole chicken chopped so that the five of us could share. We just ordered some rice to pair up with it. It also comes with a dipping sauce and soy sauce. whichever you prefer.

Andok;s Whole Chicken, Chopped (PHP219.00)

What I like about Andok's Chicken. It is juicy from the skin to the inside. It locks in the flavor so every bite is juice and flavorful. With the dipping sauce (which was served on a small container and is very limited, sad to say), it was really good. In fact, a lot of dipping sauce with it is what I love. I just hoped we had a lot of it then. It was also good paired with soy sauce with calamansi and some chili. It brings out the flavor of the roasted chicken. And what I really love on it? It's the skin. You should try it too, it has all the flavors and seasonings plus the smokey flavor from it being roasted. It was really a good meal at that time!

There are several branches of Andok's in Boracay. Some has a larger area to dine in. I suggest that if you're going to dine there, you should pick those other branches. The place may be more spacious and comfortable. However, service is good enough since we didn't do much followup for our order and food is yummy. Plus, price is affordable. This is one place you can dine in Boracay if you are in a budget. Try them out!

Unit 5 & 6 Blk. 11 Unit 6
D'Mall de Boracay,
Balabag, Malay, Aklan

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