Thursday, November 17, 2011

Backpacking Singapore: Siloso Beach at Sentosa

There are a lot of attractions to find at Sentosa but since we enjoyed our Universal Studios for almost the whole day, we have a few hours to spare in exploring Sentosa. So off we went to Sentosa Express and alighted at the last station where you can find a shuttle or tram going to Siloso Beach.

A reclaimed area using the the sands bought from Indonesia and Malaysia, the beach is just an artificial one. There are two other beaches with Siloso on Sentosa, they are Palawan and Tanjong. There are also shuttles to bring you at these sites but we chose Siloso since the shuttle going there comes regularly.

We rode the shuttle just below the Sentosa Express' last station. The shuttle is free to anyone in the park. It stops at designated stops and you can board or alight anytime. At the last stop of the shuttke, you will find Siloso Beach. It is a wide stretch of sand that the waves greet as they splash to it. The area is well lit so even if it is dark, you can still enjoy it there. The powdery sand makes it nice to walk on bare foot. We enjoyed taking pictures there and enjoying the view.

Small Island near the beach (sorry for the blue >.<)

Lined with a lot of restaurants, the beach is really alive at night time. It is full of lights from the establishments along the beach. It is also nice to just relax since it was a bit bright, and you'll know it is safe.

Restaurants along the shores of Siloso Beach

In the morning, I guess the area is full of people enjoying the beach and playing beach games on the long shore line. There are also life guards present if ever you want to take a dip on the waters.

It was refreshing and relaxing staying here. It is free and anyone can go here. You can enjoy the sands and relax on the sound of the waves on this artifical beach.You can also opt to stay at the hotel nearby since there are a lot near this beach. Some guests comes from these pretty hotels and I am sure it would be a lovey stay there.

The shores of Siloso Beach

You ca go back anytime by waiting for the shuttle to go back there and bring you to the other attractions of the park. It was nice going here and we sure enjoyed our short stay.

Siloso Beach, Sentosa
Sentosa Island,

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