Saturday, November 12, 2011

Food Trippin' Istanbul: Begüm Börek

As we explore the streets on where our hotel, Byotell,  was located, we found ourselves in a small café when we were hungry and looking for dinner. Just a block away from Byotell is Begüm Börek or Begüm Café.

At first er thought that they were already closing up since it was quite late already but as soon as we enter the small place, the staff greeted us warmly. We asked for the available dishes and they showed us pictures on their menu. They were accommodating and were trying their best to communicate with us even if it was like a charade telling them what we want. 

Begüm Börek from the outside

The area is just small. There are very few chairs inside the café but seating is available outside. The building they are on is being renovated that makes the place much smaller. But since there are only a few cutomers going in there, we had the luxury to chose a seat we'd be comfortable with.

Begüm Köfte with Bread (TL10.00)

We ordered a dish that was called Begüm Köfte which is a meat ball dish. As soon as we ordered it, they cooked our order and while waiting, we were served with warm bread. It was so good and we enjoyed it. The food was served after a while. The plate has four meatballs (köfte) with some sliced tomatoes on the side and a grilled chili pepper which tasted sweet and complemented the saltiness of the meatball. The meatball itself was good. It has the right amount of saltiness to make it taste good with the tomatoes, chili and bread. It is also pure meat and it was cooked well done so I really enjoyed it. It was filling even though the serving looked a bit small.

Turkish Tea (TL2.00)

After a while, we saw someone at the next table drinking tea. We haven't tried the Turkish Tea yet so we ordered one. It was served in a nice glass tea cup and it was nice with the cold weather. Wit a sugar cube, it adds a bit of sweetness to it. It was quite the same with the tea I usually had but I am not sure if it was because of the cold weather but the tea tasted really good.  think it did has something different about it. It was good and I enjoyed it.

Overall, I loved this place. It is one of the first places we enjoyed and the price is quite good because of the serving and the service. We planned to go back here but there were little time and so many other places to enjoy there so we didn't had a second chance. However, I would recommend this place if ever anyone plans to stay at Byotell. The place is just small but the food is good. It is a two thumbs up!

The plate

Begüm Börek
İnönü Cad. Sarikanarya Sok.
Reyhanoğlu Apt No: 27/3
Kozyatağı, Istanbul, Turkey

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