Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Midnight Food Haven at the Midnight Mercato

Midnight Mercato is becoming a popular trend with the foodies of the city. It is similar to Ortigas' Banchetto wherein different food stall gather in a certain area every Friday night and offer a variety of dishes for those who love to experience the different treats eaach stall has to offer.

It opens at around 10pm and if you really want to experience it, you should be there at around that time. There are seats available and even if food stalls are not all opened yet, most of them are already operating. The food stalls are all at the sides of the place. You can chose from different varieties, pasta, grilled, baked, etc. There are really a lot of choices here. The tables and chairs are at the middle. Sometimes, it extends outside but since it was a bit rainy, all of them are cramped inside the tent. There is also a mini stage in the middle of the tent that was built for this. This is where performers play music. It provides a nice ambiance in the chaotic queues of people lining up for food.

Stalls of food all around

One of the most difficult thing to do here is finding a seat. You can share with other eating customers but most of the time, when they get to hold a space, they will never let go of it. You need to have someone else to buy you food and you reserve the seat. Maybe it was because at that time, it was a bit raining outside so seats are extra difficult. However, it is best to secure one so you better come early.

It was like a shopping mall of food there. My eyes feasted on the food I loved most, those kanto food that I consider my comfort food. From Isaw, Tenga, Hotdog, you name it, they have something to put on the hot grill. I so wanted the Isaw but we opted to try out other food stall first that we forgot about it.

A lot to choose from!

We opted to try out Manang's which sells fried chicken wings in a yummy sauce, the red velvet cake and other sweet pastries that is just beside the stall of Manang's and those yummy bottled juices that is sold beside those cakes. After a while, we had some Takoyaki when they finally opened. I really didn't like it since I was craving for the one in Little Tokyo but it was still good. It was just a bit expensive.

Manang's Stall
 Everyone going at the Mercato should try out Manang's and their yummy and delicious deep fried chicken wings coated with their special sauce which is really a winner!

Bottled juice for PHP35

Try out all the flavors available
 These juices are really good especially the Wintermelon. Try it out if you ever find them. It was quite difficult spotting them.

Different Pastries, Buy 1 take 1 bargain

Chocolate with Kahlua Cake

Red Velvet Cake
 These cakes are definitely a winner. It comes in handy sizes and is sold at around PHP100. They are good actually. Perfect dessert for all those food you have consumed throughout your Mercato adventure.

Takoyaki (PHP85)
This one is quite pricey but the ingredients are freshed and is freshly cooked. It is yummy and also a must try.

If you love to experience being in an array of food stalls with a lot of food to choose from at very affordable price, go to the Midnight Mercato every Fridays and Saturdays at 10pm to 3am. Foodies would really love the experience and also for those who are just into eating. It is a nice bonding time with friends and a new way to experience food.

Also, try the Mercato Central. It is open every Saturday morning. More reason to eat yummy dishes! :)

Midnight Mercato
4th Street and 8th Avenue
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
(across MC Home Depot) 

Operation Hours:
Friday and Saturday from 10:00pm to 3:00am
Also, Mercato Centrale in the morning is still open 7am to 2pm.

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