Monday, November 28, 2011

Milk Tea Hunt: Serenitea

The newly opened branch of Serenitea located at Rada Street in Makati is becoming popular since its opening a few weeks ago.Since I like milk tea, I wanted to try it out and so, I went there just to have a taste of the famed Serenitea.

From our office at Ayala Avenue, you need to walk going to Dela Rosa Street and as you see the Rada, Street sign, you are near! You just need to walk further down the street and you will find this store at the left side of the street (if you're from Dela Rosa) with a brightly lit signboard at the front.

The store is small but it has a cozy ambiance. Upon entering, you can see several tables for guests who wanted to dine in and at the back is the counter where they take your order. The other side, where there are high tables and chairs are for those customers who are just waiting for the order to come. As I take a peak in their kitchen, I can see that there are a lot of crew attending to the customer's orders. This is what makes their service fast and it was good since I didn't want to stay long there because of all the people inside.

The counter area

You have to choose which drink you will have here and what size, then you need to chose which sinkers you prefer on your drink. After that, the sugar level will be asked. Full sugar level is 100% while less is around 75%. Half is around 50%, mild is 25% or you can opt to chose none.

We had our orders and my friend had a Large Strawberry Toffee Milk Tea with Pana Cotta Sinkers and with Full Sugar. I had a Large Wintermelon Milk Tea with Pana Cotta Sinkers and Less Sugar.

Strawberry Toffe Milk Tea (PHP105)

The Strawberry Toffee Milk Tea was good. It has a milky strawberry taste. I liked the mild flavors mix with the pana cotta at the bottom. It was a nice and smooth drink.

Wintermelon Milk Tea (PHP105)

The Wintermelon Milk Tea was also good. The sweetness was just right for my taste and with the pana cotta sinker, it blends well and makes you want more of it. It was good and I liked it.

Each time you buy, you get to have a sticker and at the 10th sticker, you can have a free drink. Unfortunately, there were no booklet available at that time, but they gave us our stickers so that of ever we had a booklet, we'll just put it in.

The Milk Tea here was very good and I really am getting addicted. This is one of those milk tea that I am sure will be going back again and again. It is affordable and it is really good. I also like the ambiance and the quick service of the crew.

This is a must try Tea Place. Check them out at their Rada Branch!

Rada Street, Legaspi Village
Makati City

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