Monday, November 21, 2011

Food Trippin' Istanbul: Konyali Mevlana

It was a Sunday and after bumming for the whole day at the hotel, we decided to have dinner and at the same time, explore the shops around. We found ourselves in a small restaurant called Konyali Mevlana and even if we don't have any idea what they have in the menu, we went there and had our dinner.

The place is quite big. It has a lot of seats inside and the place extends outside the main restaurant. The place is well lit and you can smell the different flavors of food that they prepare there. The staff is also attentive even if it was difficult for us to communicate with them since they don't speak English. As the menu was given to us, we quickly decide what we wanted and just point to them hoping they'd understand us.

The service there is good. It was fast and the food was served hot. We waited just a while for the food to be served on us/ We were given a salad appetizer upon waiting and I liked the carrots and cabbage that they served.

Cabbage and carrots for appetizer

We ordered a Bicak Arasi in two variation. Mine was a simple one while the other has an egg on top. The dish looked like a pizza in a thin crust with meat, lots of it on top. It was baked until crisp and served right away. One serving is good enough for two people. It was really plenty but we managed to finish it all. It tasted good and I like the mixture of meat on the thin crust. It was like their own version of the pizza. The meat which are salty blends well to the almost toasted crust which gives it a crunch in every bite. I like it since I like my pizza with a lot of meat and here is one with tons of it.

Bicak Arasi (TL11.00)

Bicak Arasi Yumurtali (TL12.00)

I also ordered the Aryan which is a popular drink for them. It is basically a yogurt drink and there, it is served on a glass with a lot of froth on top. It was good. It tasted like unsweetened yogurt with a lot of water to make it a drink. It was just a lot in one glass that it was difficult to finish since it has the same flavor, a bit of sourness in the milky consistency, but it was a good experience to have tried it.

Aryan (TL2.50)

Overall, even if it was a bit difficult to communicate with the staff there, they manage to get our order. The place is nice and comfortable especially that it was a rainy day that we went there. The ambiance is nice for a large group of people. The food was great and yummy. A nice experience to have tasted something from another country. I just hope I understand the dishes we had more but it was still a good experience. This is a must try if ever you're in Istanbul!

Konyali Mevlana
Celal Bayar Cad. Bıkeç Kardeşler
Apt. B Blok. No: 42.1
Kozyatağı, Istanbul, Turkey
Tel No: (216) 464 04 55 - 56

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