Saturday, November 19, 2011

Food Trippin' Singapore: Bongo Burgers at the Night Safari

After our trip around the Night Safari and enjoyed the animals and shows inside, we are all feeling hungry and a late night dinner is the only option we have right then.Just near the entrance of the park is a small restaurant which serves burgers and pastas. We decided to have dinner here at  Bongo Burgers.

We decided to have dinner here since the place is not much crowded and it was much cooler in the area. The place is just small, a small counter and kitchen plus the tables that extend up to the walk ways of the park. You have to queue on the counter upon ordering and the waiters serves you your food on your table. The place is with the park's theme. It was like a safari with zebra prints and a lot of native stuff all around.

Since the prices here are bit higher here, we just decided to share the food we're going to have. We had the nuggets and fries plus a bowl of pasta. The Pasta in a Tomato Based Sauce was large enough to fit two hungry people but since we're not that much hungry, it was good for us four. The Chicken Nuggets and Fries have a large serving too.

Chicken Nuggets and Fries

Pasta in a Tomato based sauce with ham.

The food was just okay, nothing to special about it. It is filling for hungry people like us and it tasted just fine. Both the dishes can fit for people like us but it is more recommended for two to three person. I would just say that it was really expensive since the four of us has a SGD6.00 share for the two dishes. And that comes without any drinks. It was like they over priced since they are in the park.

Overall, the area is not that good. It was quite hot due to weather but there are only a few fan available at the area. The service is not bad but you need to wait a bit for the food to come. Also, they don't have house water. You really need to buy those over priced drinks they have. The food is so-so. Nothing really to brag about. However, I would still recommend this if you really want these kind of meal while at the Night Safari. Or you can also try the other restaurants there which serves different kinds of dishes but I guess they are all pricey too. Just try it out whenever you're at the Night Safari and please tell me your experience there.

Bongo Burgers
Night Safari, 80 Mandai Lake Rd,
Singapore 729826

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