Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Milk Tea Hunt: Moonleaf Tea Shop

I love milk tea ever since I get to taste one back in my previous company. Since then, I always loved it, even making my own mix. I promised to taste all the milk tea shops I could find so I started this segment in my blog called 'Milk Tea Hunt' to blog about all the milk tea shops I ever went into. I was glad that my friend invited me to UP Teacher's Village to have a taste of yet another yummy milk tea mix in Moonleaf Tea Shop.

Located at Maginhaw Street, Moonleaf Tea Shop is found among the many establishments in this residential area. The place is small and you can't barely notice it when you pass by it. It is beside a small place where they serve yummy food. As you enter the place, you can find seats outside with the customers enjoying their drink. This is also for the smokers since the store is air conditioned and is a non-smoking area.

As you enter the store, a few table that can seat around ten to fifteen people are available. The lighting is nice and bright, perfect for students who want to study or just hang around there. They have this large bulletin board where you can post anything. Most of the stuff there are for students. Across the shop is the main counter where you can order your drink.The menu is posted on the wall and there is limited flavors to choose from which is good because you will not have a hard time deciding. They also have a small pastry area where you can order some sweets to pair up with your drink.

Inside the stores with the customers
The place is convenient too. They have a rest room at the back where it is comfortable to go to. It is clean and well maintained. It is very nice to stay here and if I were a student, this will be my hangout place.

We tried their milk tea and we had their popular Wintermelon Milk Tea (PHP75). You can add some pearls or puddings or nata on your drink for an additional price or you can have it on its own. It tasted sweet and has that winter melon taste that is very nice. I would love to order this next time.

Wintermelon Milk Tea (PHP75)

I ordered a Hakka Milk Tea (PHP75) but failed to take a photo of it. I have no idea what Hakka is or what they out in this drink. It tasted like the one in Zen Tea. It is a bit sweet and the tea is strong that mixed with the milk, it brings out that yummy milk tea flavor I wanted.

The stuff they brew in  this in this place is yummy and addicting. I'm starting to crave for this milk tea as soon as we left the shop. I hope they have branches near Makati too but for now, they are all far up North (and a new shop opened in LB). I highly recommend their milk tea even if the price is a bit high, it is still worth the long travel from Makati to Quezon City just to have this stuff. I'd surely go back here.

Place is homey and comfortable, service is good, price is just fine and the drink is very yummy. Two thumbs up for Moonleaf Tea Shop!

Moonleaf Tea Shop
103 Maginhawa St.
UP Teacher’s Village
Diliman, Quezon City
Open Daily: 11:00AM - 11:00PM

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