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Backpacking Singapore: Universal Studios Singapore

Our trip at Singapore would not be complete if we have don't visit one of its main tourist attraction, Universal Studios Singapore located at Resorts World Sentosa at Sentosa Island.

To go there, you need to go to Harbourfront MRT Station and go to Vivo City Mall. At the top floor, you can see a large area where you can buy tickets for Sentosa. You can also opt not to buy there if you only wish to go to Universal Studios. You can ride the Sentosa Express which is a monorail train going to Sentosa Island and alight at the first stop which is where Universal Studios is located.

Sentosa Express

There are a lot of attractions before getting to the main theme park. At the far end, you will see the large globe with a rotating 'Universal Studios' sign where people usually take pictures. There is the entrance of the theme park, just across it. Ticket booths are located near the main gates and you need to purchase them before you can enter. It was around SGD65 each for a whole day ride all you can inside the park. As soon as we have bought the tickets, we all went inside.

Map and ticket for Universal Studios

It was a big theme park and we all automatically turned into kids upon entering. There are a lot of gift shop and mascots where you can take pictures of are all around! They have different sections on the theme park which has different themes.


The Fountain found at inside
Us with Woody

The first one we went into is Hollywood which is the one found upon entrance to the park. It was a small stretch of walk but everything was so nice. There are stores and there is the walk of fame on the side walk. There is a Hollywood style theater but we didn't get into it. We were so hyped when we saw Woody Woodpecker and we took photos with him.


Us with the cast

The second area we went to is the Madagascar. It was jungle like and it was fun there. most of the rides there are for kids that is why we just took photos around it.

Shrek's House

Far Far Away Castle

After a few walk, we entered Far Far Away starting at Shrek's place. We entered a palace-like place and it was very nice. It was like seeing a real castle or living in the movies you have watched as kids. Here we queued on the Shrek 4D Adventure. At first, we didn't know what we are queuing for but as we got the 3D glasses and entered the main hall where we get to listen to the magic mirror narrate a story. After that, we went inside a theater area where the rest of the stories happen. It was fun and very realistic as wind blows and water splashes to the audience according to the story.

The Lost World

Our first ride, the Canopy Flyer

After our adventures at Far Far Away Land, we all went to the next segment, the Lost World. Hyped by the previous ride, we looked for a fun ride here and saw the Canopy Flyer. We all thought it would be a good warm up and so we queued here. There was a long line but thankfully, there is wifi all around the park and we diverted our attention here as we went near the boarding area. The ride was fun and a bit scary. We thought it was slow but it was very fast and it can turn your stomach upside down. It was exciting at the same time scary, but it was fun. We would do this again if ever the queue is short.

Luch at Discovery Food Court: Chicken Meal (SGD10)

Aside from the Chicken and Rice with Tofu, it goes with a Curry Soup

And a cup of pudding

There are other rides in this side of the park like the Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure, Waterworld, Amber Rock Climb and Dino-Soarin' but we were already hungry so we decided to have our lunch there.
We had lunch at Discovery Food Court where food are in set and it seems overpriced. We had no choice and ordered one. It was all good though considering it has desserts included, however, there are no drinks in this meal and so, we just opted for the drinks we brought to the park.

Entrance to the Ancient Egypt

The indoor roller coaster. You need to deposit all your stuff to the lockers so it won't get lost

Our next stop at the park is the Ancient Egypt part where it was like entering a Pyramid. The area was really nice and there are some people in ancient Egyptian costume that you can take pictures off. It also has a lot of rides and we entered the Revenge of the Mummy: The Ride which is an indoor roller coaster. The ride was fun even if you need to walk a long way just to get to the main loading area. The roller coaster can seat 4 in a row and we chose the front seats. There are a lot of visual effects and a lot of going up and down and backwards and also a photo when you are all scared. You can view the photo after the ride and you have an option to buy it or just laugh about it. The whole ride is fun that we decided to do it again. It was really enjoyable.

Battle Star Gallactica

The twin roller coaster Human and Cylon

Us with the street performers

After that, we headed to the Sci-Fi City. We headed here to take a ride on the Battle Star Galactica ride. And since I was a scaredey cat, I only took the Human ride. It was very tiring ride because of all my screaming. The roller coaster ride is one of the scariest rides I've been too and it will make all your insides upside down. It was fun but very scary. And I didn't dare to repeat the ride again nor try the Cylon version which will make your feet hanging all ride long. This was the best ride here, however and is a must try for all those who like adventures and thrills.

Statue on New York

Streets of New York

Another Attraction at the New York Area

After a while, we went to the New York area where we took a lot of images of the old New York. Our last ride was here in the Lights! Camera! Action! Hosted by Steven Spielberg where you will see how movies are made. It was a cool show and we were amazed on how movies were created in other countries.

After all the rides and watching the shows on the streets, we all decided to take a rest and stay by the lake on the side of an eatery. It was a tiring but super fun day for all of us. We were all waiting for each other and for some who are buying some gift items when we decided to go to Sentosa for a quick tour. We all went back to the Hollywood area and there we met Winnie Woodpecker where we had some photo moments with. After that, we checked on the gift shops while some continue to buy some gift items.

with Winnie Wood Pecker
My highlight at USS. Me with Po! ^___^

Just before we all went home, we saw Po walking out of the dressing area and all the tiredness in us was replaced by excited cheers as we went to have a photo with him. I was so happy and it made my day to have a photo with Po. I will surely go back here if given a chance. It makes the child in me all giggly and excited. And I love it!

Exit Gate. We will come back!

For more information:

Universal Studios Singapore
Resorts World Sentosa,
Sentosa Island,Singapore

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