Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Food Trippin' Mercato: Manang's Chicken

When we were in the Midnight Mercato, we tried this popular Chicken Wings that my friend is raving about. It is from a stall called Manang's Chicken.

It was said that this yummy chicken wings were just a recipe of the owner's helper and every time it was served to the guests, they keep coming back for more, and so, they decided to try their luck on the Midnight Mercato and opened a stall there and soon, foodies discovered the yummy and crispy chicken wings in a unique dip that will you will surely crave for.

Their stall at Midnight Mercato
We ordered a 6 pcs Chicken Wing without the rice. We shared this among us there. The chicken is said to be double deep fried glazed with a soy garlic sauce with sesame seeds on top. At first look, it wasn't that much appealing and you would just think that it was another one of those deep fried chicken with sauce that claims to be yummy. But t proved me wrong upon tasting the crispy chicken wing. The taste of the skin with the sou garlic sauce was really good. It is a burst of flavors in your mouth. There is this salty, sweet and spicy taste that you can taste all together. I liked it. I liked the saltiness very much. Also, the flavor wasn't all in the skin. The meat has some flavors too and is juicy and not dry. It is what I want on my chicken wings.

Manang's 6 pc Double Deep Fried Chicken Wings (PHP144)

Surely the order we had wasn't enough but the queue on the stall was too long so we decided not to go back. It was a sure hit so I understand the long lines there. Everyone wanted to have a taste of those yummy chicken!

I heard that they opened their first branch at Ortigas. How I wish they open up their Makati Branch soon so I wouldn't crave much for this yummy chicken wings! Two thumbs up for this and I highly recommend this to all who wants to have a unique and yummy Chicken Wings. Try out Manang's Chicken!

Manang's Chicken
Midnight Mercato
4th Street and 8th Avenue
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
(across MC Home Depot) 


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