Monday, November 7, 2011

Food Trippin' Istanbul: Ikbal

While we are in Bağdat Caddesi, we decided to take our lunch in one of the restaurants on the street. We all chose Ikbal which shows Doner Meat on the windows. We were convinced that the stores served good food and so we dined in there.

The place is small but can fit around twenty to thirty people on the first floor. I think they also have heating upstairs. The waiters quickly accommodates you upon entering the place. They will seat you accordingly and will try their best to communicate with you which is very nice because we are foreigners in the place. The counter shows a lot of pictures of the dishes they have and so we just chose what we like there. The waiter was also kind enough to explain the dishes to us the best he can even though I just half understood it. They also have a menu but the images on the counter is enough for us to decide what to have.

The counter/kitchen area where the food is prepared

We were seated across the counter which is also their kitchen. You can watch them cook the dishes they serve while waiting for your food. The food also arrives in a shot time which is good because it is hot. We had Et Doner Porsyon and Yogurtlu et Doner which we don't really understand but sounds and looks good!

Et Doner Porsyon (TL11.00)

I had the Et Doner Porsyon and it was a doner, cut into thin strips, placed on top of a toasted bread and with pickles, tomatoes, chili and fries on the side. It was really a full meal and it is really filling. The meat was so good and I haven't tasted anything like it on Doner stands in the Philippines. It was tasty but a bit dry but it was very good. I also like the chili since they are sweet and not that spicy. Everything on the plate is good and I like it.

Yogurtlu et Doner (TL13.00)

The  Yogurtlu et Doner is the same meat as the one served with us but it has a special sauce with it. It has yogurt on the side and also some fries and vegetables too. I was also filling and looks very yummy.

Ikbal is everywhere in Istanbul. We just discovered another branc in Carrefour food court and we also decided to eat there. The place is just small but they also serve the same menu as the big restaurant we dinned in. This time, we had a different dish.

Donair Sandwich Meal (TL8.50)

The sandwich has fries and veggies in it

I tried their hamburger like set meal, Donair Sandwich, which is a Dorum served in a bun and with fries. It was really good since they have a lot of vegetables in the sandwich.

Ikbal Toast (TL7.00)

They also have a cheese sandwich, Ikbal Toast, which is just a light meal served with fries and vegetables on the side.

Dining here is really nice since they have fast service and the staff is very nice to guests. The food as well is very yummy and very filling. This is one of the best and most liked food and place for me in my whole stay in Istanbul. I would really like to go back here and enjoy eating their dishes.

(216) 368 82 44

(216) 448 06 14

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