Sunday, November 13, 2011

Coffee Tasting at Starbucks

After our run for a cause, Rain 4 Africa, we decided to have breakfast and since I am collecting stickers for a Starbucks planner, we agreed to eat at Starbucks in Shell Gas Station at SLEX and spend the morning there.

After we had ordered drinks and food, we stayed there for a long time. When I say long time, it was about four to five hours. Our food were finished and so are our drinks. We were just chit chatting there letting time pass by. After a while, a Barista went to us and asked us if we were to stay longer. I thought she would tell that we should leave, but instead, she asked us if we would like to participate on their Coffee Tasting Activity. And we gladly agreed.

The Coffee Tasting Activity of Starbucks is being conducted by the Coffee Master. She invites customers to participate so that they learn something and appreciate coffee drinking more. The Coffee Master starts by telling us the different types of coffee around the world. She tells us the three regions which are Arabic and Africa, the Americans, and the Asia Pacific. She also explains details about all the coffee sold in the Store. It was informative and interesting enough for me so we all listened attentively.

Before the activity

After a while of explaining how each region produces their own coffee, it was now time to taste the coffee that she brewed using a french press. Two particular coffee she prepared is the Kenya, which is from Arabia & Africa region, and the Christmas Blend which is a combination of the three regions. The Christmas Blend is only available in Starbucks this Christmas season.

She thought us the ways of tasting coffee which is first, by smelling it. You need to cup the cup and smell the coffee. We did as we told and we were able to smell the difference between the two blends. The Kenya was a bit mild in smell but has a distinct aroma. It was quite citruscy. The other one as a stronger and more bold smell compared to the first one. It was said that you need to smell first before tasting because the smell will make you be able to taste better.

Next is bu sipping it. By sipping, you need to make the slurping sound so that the coffee will spread in your tongue and hit the right taste buds. As we tried, the Kenya blend has a concentration of bitterness on the middle of the tongue while the other blend spreads out more to the back. The Coffee Master told us that it was because of the different flavors from different regions it was from.

Lastly, after tasting, you need to drink water to wash off the flavors on your pallet. It is done so that the next tasting will not be compromised.

It was the first time I have done Coffee Tasting and I enjoyed it since I learned a lot from it. Thanks to the Coffee Master (which I forgot the name, sorry) for making us experience it. It was a good experience and it made me appreciate the cup of coffee I was used to just drinking as is.

So next time you're in Starbucks, don't hesitate to ask your barista if they have a brew of the different types of coffee available in their store. Tell them to brew you one delicious cup and I am sure you'll love it.

Starbucks Philippines
South Luzon Tollway,
Muntinlupa City

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