Saturday, November 19, 2011

My Fluffy Twigy Boots

Back in Istanbul, it was getting chilly at night since it was already autumn. The sneakers that I was wearing wasn't of help and so, as were exploring Carrefour, we saw a shop which sells different kind of furry footwear that we are sure will be nice to have on our stay there. It was Twigy and ever since we saw that store, we always have loved looking around there.

Located at Carrefour, the small stall they have near the main grocery/shopping area can easily be seen with a lot of shoes hanging from ceiling to floor of the store. The place is dimply lit and packed with different displays of their products. The walkway is only good for a person to pass through. They have a range of products from boots to slippers. You can choose from a wide array of selection.

Their store at Carrefour

Most of the sizes they have there are for kids, which means it is small, good thing we're kids' size back there and it was fun since the kid's stuff is so much cuter.

My brown fluffy boots

gray fluffy boots

We opted to buy boots. The furry ones and we got the largest size for kids which fits perfectly on us. The fit was nice and it was comfortable to walk in. It was like wearing a bedroom slippers. A warm bedroom slippers that goes up to your ankles. We loved those boots so much that we use it every single night we stayed there. It protected us from the cold weather plus we really loved wearing them since they were so cute and comfortable.

I hope they also have a store here but I think it will not be applicable because of our tropical climate. I am just happy I had one of their products and I am hoping, I could use them again. I guess I'll plan a trip to Baguio so I can use them again. :)

İçerenköy Mah. Kayışdağı Cad. No:2
Carrefour AVM Ataşehir
İstanbulö Tyrkey
Tel: 0216 448 01 88

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