Monday, November 28, 2011

Light Lunch at Latte Coffee Kalibo

As we go back from our weekend getaway, we went early to catch our flight in Kalibo Airport going back to Manila. It was almost lunch time and we decided to have a light bite in the airport. We decided to eat at Latte Coffe Kalibo at the second floor of the departure area of Kalibo Intenational Airport.

Latte Coffee Kalibo is a small café located at the 2nd floor of the Kalibo International Airport. You will not notice it at first since it was among the souvenir stores there.There are small tables with it that can sit around ten people. There are only a few guests and most of them are just eating light snacks before the flight. They offer drinks, coffee, pastries, pasta and sandwiches. We chose to eat there since it was only a few minutes before our flight.

As we order, the crew was attentive, they took care of our orders and we didn't wait long for it to arrive. It was served on the seats we reserved and they have cleaned as the previous guests left it.

Their small area where guests take a break

We had the Cream Sauce Pasta in Fettuccine and Hawaiian Spam Sandwich which are both around a PHP100. We didn't order any drinks and opted for the water we had bought earlier.

Cream Sauce Pasta in Fettuccine (PHP100)

The Cream Sauce Pasta in Fettuccine was good. It has a lot of serving in one plate. It was served with bread on the side and it complements well with the pasta. It was filling and tasted good. For the price, it was quite expensive but it was still okay.

Hawaiian Spam Sandwich (PHP100)

The Hawaiian Spam Sandwich was also good. I like the triple decker sandwich with the generous amount of Spam in one layer and a spread of pineapple colslaw. It complements well with the salty meat. The sweet and salty taste was really good that I wanted to create my own version of this at home. It also has some chips on the side and I liked it since it was Pringles. :P

Overall, this café serves yummy and filling dishes. I wasn't been able to taste the drinks but I think they are good as well. The service is good, price is a bit high but considering they are in an airport and targets the tourists and their rent is high, I guess it was a good price. The ambiance is not that good but you'll feel comfortable there than on the waiting area.

Latte Coffe Kalibo is my recommended place to dine whenever you're in Kalibo International Airport. Choices are limited and this is the best place I can spot there.

Latte Coffee Kalibo
Kalibo International Airport (KLO),
Kalibo International Airport Access Rd,
Kalibo 5600, Philippines

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