Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Food Trippin' Singapore: Wall's Ice Cream Sandwich at Orchard Road

If you're familiar with Selecta Ice Creams here in the Philippines, you can be easily recognize the familiar heart shaped logo it has, however, in Singapore, it is called Wall's and they have this ice cream treat that you shouldn't miss whenever you are in the streets of Singapore.

When we are in Orchard Road in Singapore, we happen to pass by a Wall's Ice Cream cart and for SGD1, you can have an ice cream sandwich!

Sure, ice cream sandwiches are common, but here you get to see them made as you order. Here is how:

1. You choose the flavor you want.

A lot of flavors to choose form

2. The ice cream man gets a big block of frozen solid ice cream and cuts it.

Ice cream man gets the block of ice cream to chop

3. You chose weather you want it in between a rainbow colored bread or in between two wafers.

Choc Chip

Peppermint Choc Chip

Mocha Chip

Red Bean
4. Enjoy the yummy ice cold treat under the heat.

Ai Enjoying the ice cream sandwich :P

Oh yeah, don't forget to pay the ice cream man. He is very kind and accustomed to the foreign customers even though he doesn't speak, he knows how to communicate with us just by pointing to whatever we need.

The experience is nice and very refreshing after a day's walk on the hot streets of Singapore. Everyone going here should really try those ice cream sandwiches out! 

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