Sunday, November 20, 2011

Food Trippin' Singapore: Tiong Bahur

Before we finally go home, we had our last lunch at Singapore at Tiong Bahur Haineanese Boneless Chicken Rice and Curry Rice near our inn in Clarke Quay and just across Central Mall.

This restaurant is located at the side streets and among the array of restaurants in the area. It is like an eatery similar here in the Philippines. The place is just small and there are a lot of tables for the customers. It is packed during lunch time that they extend to the streets just to accommodate hungry customers. At the back of the place is the counter and kitchen area. Here is where you pay your food upon ordering. By the way, the staff there seats you first then hands out the menu then you chose and tell them. They then give you a piece of paper and you have to pay it on the counter.

The restaurant with all the customers inside

We waited for a while for the dishes to be served and not too long, our food arrived. We had these:

Pork Curry Dish with vegetables on the side

Fish in Sweet and Sour Sauce with vegetables - Set Meal C (SGD5.50)

Braised Beef in Noodles

Chicken Curry Noodles

Boneless Hainanese Chicken Rice

Lemon Chicken Rice (SGD4.00)

The food was yummy and the serving is big. I liked the Lemon Chicken Rice best that is why it is what I had that there. The lemon sauce was really great with the boneless deep fried chicken. It was really great with rice. They tried out other dishes and they too enjoyed it. The Chicken Curry Noodles was really hot and we can see that my friend is enjoying it while beads of sweat is rolling down his forehead. It was authentic Singaporean cooking and I am glad to have experienced it here. It is a mix of yummy flavors in a plate and we all enjoyed it. The price is quite cheap and we liked it that way.

Overall, this place is a must try. The service is good, the place is great for a large group and the food is yummy. It has that carinderia feel and the prices are just cheap. Perfect if you want to experience authentic Singaporean dishes in prices you can afford. It was good enough to be our last meal there in the country but I am sure, when I get back, I will surely have another go on these places.

Tiong Bahur 
Hainanese Boneless Chicken Rice and Curry Rice
21 New Bridge Road

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