Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Milk Tea Hunt: Tea Farm

There is a newly opened store in KPMG Building, along Ayala Avenue near our office. I learned that they sell milk tea and so, we went there and followed the winking cow logo of the store to taste the growing popular Tea Farm.

Located at the ground floor of KPMG Building, at the back, you will find a small stall where they sell hot and cold tea and some pastries. The area is small but they still provide quests with tables to stay in. It fits less than ten people and the tables are located outdoors. The place usually caters for take outs but just in case you want to hang out, they have space for that. Though the area is not that good and not relaxing since a lot of people pass by that area.

The Counter area. (a bit over exposed, sorry!)

As you approach the counter, the menu is posted on the wall. You can chose on any of their products, hot or cold beverages. They have milk tea, iced tea, hot tea and healthy tea. The staff greets you with a warm smile as they take your order. They are fast and efficient in taking your orders. After you pay, you'll have to wait for a short while for your drink to be served. They are fast and in less than five minutes, our order is done and we can already claim it.

Caramel Milk Tea (PHP85) with add on pearls (PHP15)

The milk tea? It was good! I liked it. I had the Caramel Milk Tea, by the way. The sweetness is just right and not over powering. The caramel taste is evident and you can still taste the tea in the beverage. Compared to the two milk tea's I had the previous days, I liked it better (but I still liked Moonleaf's Wintermelon, wish I ordered that back then). There are other flavors to choose from so I might be back to have a taste of them.

The price however is not that cheap. It was quite over priced for me. For an average of PHP85, you only get to have the milk tea without pearls. Add ons cost around PHP15. That is quite pricey. However, I just wanted to taste to I gave it a go.

Minus the price, Tea Farm is a must try place. It has nice staff, good beverages and clean store. It is also located in close proximity with my office so it is good for me. I can have one whenever I feel like (or have an extra cash to spare). Overall, the milk tea is good and yummy! You should try it out!

Tea Farm Philippines
G/F Garden Area KPMG Bldg. 
Ayala Avenue, 1227 
Makati, Philippines

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