Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Milk Tea Hunt: ChaTime

For my second entry for my 'Milk Tea Hunt' segment, I'd blog about ChaTime located at the bridge way of Glorietta and Landmark in Makati.

For a while, I have been seeing this small stall however, queue here is so long so I decided that I'd try it out once the hype of a newly opened store has subsided. One morning, the queue was incredibly short so I knew this is the time I try this place out.

The shop is small, it only occupies a small area at the Bridegway area of Landmark. There are no seats available (unless you eat at the restaurant beside it) and all beverage is good only for take out. You can see your beverage upon making it since the small area shows their kitchen where they brew all the customer's orders. It looks clean so you can be sure you're drink is prepared the right way.

ChaTime Good Tea Good Time

The menu is posted on the queue area and the choice is vast making it difficult to chose which one is best to taste. They also have a few photos of the drinks and you can just point one if you feel like getting the one on their photo menu. 

Just a bit of a background from their Facebook page:
Since its founding in 2005, ChaTime has become one of the biggest international bubble tea brands today, as well as being the only publicly listed beverage provider in the Taiwan stock exchange. As of September 2010, we have over 480 stores worldwide in Taiwan, Malaysia, China, USA, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Indonesia, and Australia, plus new stores opening soon in Korea, Japan and the Philippines!
Yes, ChaTime is known internationally that is why when you check out their menu, there are some translations on it.

this thing vibrates and lights up when your order is done

I got the ChaTime Roasted Milk Tea. Upon ordering, you pay and then you get this big saucer-like chip taht serves as your number. It will vibrate and blink when your drink is available already. It is the first time I saw this kind of stuff so I was amazed. It is nice since you don't need to listen every time the drink is called. You just need to watch out for your number to blink and vibrate.

ChaTime Roasted Milk Tea (Large: PHP85)

The ChaTime Roasted Milk Tea has a unique flavor. It tasted like the usual milk tea but there is a hint of a smokey-like flavor in it. I think it is the 'roasted' part of the drink. It was nice but it was lacking some sweetness in it but it was okay. The roasted flavor is very distinct and you can really taste it's flavor as you sip into the cup.

I liked the flavor of the beverage and am hoping to taste other flavors however, the price is too expensive. A large size is about PHP85 and there are no pearls on it. An additional amount should be added for it.

The place is good though and the service is nice. It is a take-out counter so it is good if you're on the go. But if you want to stay and relax, you need to find another place. The price is not that cheap but the beverage is yummy. Over all, it is still a must try if you really love milk tea. However, it is not for daily consumption, unless you don't mind spending a lot for it.

For more information:

Landmark Bridgeway, 

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