Saturday, December 24, 2011

Kalinga-Tuguegarao Weekend Escape

We planned to go White Water Rafting in the far north of Luzon and so one weekend, we decided to go to Kalinga to experience the rapids of Chico River located at the province of Kalinga and to maximize our stay, we decided to take a side trip at Tuguegarao which is a few hours away from Kalinga.

We booked our White Water Rafting Adventure with Chico River Quest and our package cost PHP4000 per person, inclusive of the accommodation, White water rafting adventure plus breakfast, lunch and dinner. All we need to pay is our transportation going to Kalinga and to Tuguegarao plus our meals the next day. It was a nice deal since the hotel that we stayed in was nice and the food we had was also good.

Church inside Callao Cave

For our trip, we traveled from Manila to Kalinga with riding Victory Liner on a Friday Evening and it was a 12 hour bus ride arriving early morning the next day. We had our White Water Rafting adventure and after our breakfast at Davidson Hotel and a lunch at a small canteen after the adventure. They brought us to a souvenir shop and had the whole afternoon for ourselves for socials followed by dinner after. The next day, we left the Hotel after breakfast and headed to Tuguegarao to go to Callao Cave and explore the river there. Afterwards is another 12 hour bus ride going back to Manila. It was a tiring bus ride but it was a fun trip. Most of us didn't need to take a leave because it was a packed weekend.

Here is the itinerary of our Kalinga-Tuguegarao weekend Adventure:

Day 0
9:10 - Victory Liner Kamias ride bus to Tabuk

Day 1
9:00 - ETA Tabuk
9:30 - Check in at Davidson Hotel/Breakfast (Inclusive)
10:00- Depart for put-in
11:00- ETA put-in, Safety lecture
11:30 - Chico River Rafting
2:00 - Late Lunch (Inclusive)
3:00 - Souvenir Buying
3:00 - Free Time
7:00 - Dinner(Inclusive)/socials

Day 2 (Departure/To Callao Cave)
7:00 - Prepare to go to Tuguegarao (Breakfast)
8:00 - ETD to Tuguegarao
10:30- ETA Calalo Cave
2:30 - Boat ride at river
4:00 - Late Lunch
5:00 - Bus to Manila

Day 3 (Arrival at Manila)
5:00 - ETA Victory Liner Kamias


Bus to Tabuk (Victory Liner) - PHP 546.00
Package Tour to Chico River - 4000.00
Food for Day 1
River Rafting
Van to Tuguegarao - 1600.00
Entrance Fee on Callao Cave - 20.00
Boat Ride to Mororan River - 500.00 (Optional, fee will be divided depending on the people who will avail)
Bus from Tuguegarao to Manila - 575.00

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