Monday, December 26, 2011

Place to Stay at Kalinga: Davidson Hotel and Restaurant

On our short weekend adventure at Kalinga, we stayed at Davidson Hotel and Restaurant which is part of the package we paid for our rafting adventure there. It is located along the highway where the Victory Liner bus pass through when getting to Tabuk.

We arrived there early morning after our 12 hour bus ride from Manila. We were a bit sleepy and disoriented from the ride and we walked directly in the hotel. Our contact person was waiting for us and she welcomed us right away. We went to the front desk to check in and they gave us a room. The other two rooms are to be available at the afternoon. It was okay and we just went ahead and placed our stuff there. We went back at the restaurant area for breakfast. It was part of the package.

Front desk

narrow hallways to the rooms

The hotel was big. As you enter, the big lobby awaits you. There is a TV there and some sofa. At the far left is a small souvenir shop and beside it is a function hall. At the right is a restaurant. It is the air conditioned dining area. As you go outside, there is a bigger dining open space area. Just beside that restaurant is a small coffee shop where they serve beverages and the atmosphere is cozy enough to just relax.
It has a lot of rooms at the back. There are also other functions room where you can hold events.

reception area

restaurant area

outside at night

Outside is a pool where guests can enjoy. It was just very cold that day but we still took a dip even if it was really freezing. There is also a gym nearby and a large open area where they held some group exercise that day. It was a nice place considering it is in a far province. All the convenience is there.

stuff at the souvenir shop

pool and gym

waiting area

The rooms were nice and clean. We all stayed in an air conditioned room for two with two single beds, toilet and bath, a mini bar and a cable TV. It wasn't bad and it was comfortable. There are a few cons about it like the dripping ceiling in the hallway but it was tolerable. Also the toilet and bath was a bit small in our room, but I don't mind, since it offers a hot and cold shower. It was also clean, it was just the limited space that was a bit off. I have been to different places and took baths in mountains and outdoors with no guarantee of privacy and clean tiles to step into so, this is good enough for me.

Two single beds with clean sheets

mini bar, cabinets and cable TV

Toilet and Shower area

What I like most here is the food. It was good. In fact it was way beyond my expectations on a place like this. Our breakfasts for the two days were yummy and has big servings We had the classic Pinoy breakfasts that comes with fried rice and eggs. Plus, they also have coffee or hot chocolate, whichever you prefer. The serving is big and the rice was really a cup full, yes, and they use a big cup for this. We also spent our dinner there and the meal we had was really nice. It was a big meal that comes with rice, vegetable sidings, soup and a dessert, plus a glass of iced tea. It was filling and satisfying. We had nothing to say to this.

Dinner Set Meal

Hot Chocolate

Bangus Sinangag at Itlog

Meatloaf Sinangag at Itlog

Tocino Sinigang at Itlog

Longganisa Sinangag at Itlog

Tocino, Sinangag and Scrambled Egg

Another nice thing here is their staff. They are friendly and accommodating. They attend to our ketchup and other condiment needs quickly and they never fail to give us smiles. Also, since we're planning another trip in the morning, they helped us look for a van to Tuguegarao. They were really nice to us and we like them as well.

Leigh's Coffee Shop

Their mini coffee shop, Leigh's Coffee Shop, was also nice. We hanged out there in the night ordering one of their drinks. We had a nice time talking to them and befriending the staff. And, the drink we had was good! it was blended nicely and we all liked it. Also, we liked the cozy ambiance. We owned the place that night since it was only us there (except for the friendly foreigner who keeps on smiling on us whenever we meet at the lobby). 

The counter area

Cozy and comfy seats

Wild Tribe Mocha (PHP120)

We were satisfied on our stay here and I think this is the only hotel in town so if ever you are in Kalinga, in Tabuk, do check in here. The rates are affordable and service is superb! Plus, dine in and I am sure you'll like their dishes. Two thumbs up!

And oh, don't forget to ring the gong three times if you were satisfied like us! :)

strike this 3 time if you like their service

Davidson Hotel & Restaurant
Tabuk, Kalinga Philippines

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