Friday, December 2, 2011

Food Trippin' Istanbul: Robert's Coffee

On our short stay at Istanbul, Turkey, we were assigned most of the time with a client. It came to a point where we got tired of the free food in their cafeteria and so we always make an excuse just to go to lunch by ourselves and here we discovered Robert's Coffee.

It was just a small stall inside the large building of Akbank in Turkey. They also have one outside but it only offer coffee and tea for those smokers outside. The stall inside is quite bigger. They have some seats available if ever you opt to eat there. They also offer a wide selection of sandwiches and drinks.

Robert's Coffee stand

One lunch, we tried their their Frappucino which is coffee blended in ice and served with whipped cream on top. I also ordered their Grilled Chicken Sandwich.


Grilled Chicken Sandwich

Another time, we ordered a Hot Mocha and requested some whipped cream on top. We partnered it with a Grilled Cheese Sandwich which was packed with a lot of vegetables.

Hot Mocha

Grilled Cheese Sandwich

I didn't really get the names of the sandwiches we had as well as the beverages we ordered since most of them are in Turkish and we are having difficulty remembering them. The nice lady who manages the place fortunately speaks in English and so we just ask her what those sandwiches and drinks are and she cheerfully explains it.

The serving was hearty and that meal alone was really filling. The sandwich is packed with meat and vegetable. It was really a complete meal even if it was just a sandwich. It was also reasonably priced and was within our budget and so we really loves this place for the rest of our stay there.

To sum up, I really loved or Robert's Coffee experience and it is one of those things we greatly missed on Turkey. Food and drinks are good and price is reasonable. I would surely recommend this place.

Robert's Coffee

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