Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Food Trippin' Boracay: Crazy Crepes

It was another night when we are looking for something to eat after dinner. we were at D' Mall in Boracay when we stumbled upon a crepe store which sells yummy looking crepes based on the designs on the front of this store. We couldn't resist and we had our dessert that night there at Crazy Crepes.

The place is small and is just consist of the front counter and their kitchen. Basically it is a takeout store and you just order there and get your yummy crepe on the go. You can opt to stay at the benches outside but most of the time, you can carry around this yummy dessert. The store is decorated with samples of the flavors you can choose from. it was quite difficult to chose at first but we managed to pick what we want. There is also a price on the displays so you'd know how much the different flavors costs.

Crepes on Display

More flavors to choose from

The counter and the crew

The price ranges from PHP50 to PHP150 depending on the flavor you chose. Mostly when it is just plain fruits, it is cheaper compared if it has some ice cream or a lot of toppings on top.

We had Mango Caramel, Blueberry Vanilla Ice Cream Crepe and Mango Custard Crepe. All was yummy and all was good.

Mango Caramel

Blueberry and Vanilla

Mango Custard

I like how the crepe was a bit crispy and it was hot meaning it was freshly made. The presentation was good since it closely resembles the one in the display. Each is packed with filling, ice cream, fruit, custard, etc. and all blends well. I like the blueberry and ice cream (the one I had) since the flavors complement each other. I can say that I crave for this after we had gone home and I am hoping that I would have another go on a crepe this yummy one of this days.

This is a must try if ever you're in Boracay or in any part of the metro since there are a lot of branches around. Try out their yummy crepe and I am sure you'll like it as well.

Crazy Crepe
D'Mall Boracay Island, Philippines

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