Sunday, December 18, 2011

Bright Christmas with the Symphony of Lights at the Ayala Triangle Gardens

Every Christmas, Ayala Avenue comes to life with its bright Christmas lights along the road. Along with this, the Ayala Triangle Garden is equally decorated with bright lights. It is not only those lights that is featured during the season, ATG is known to showcase this lights with a blend of Christmas songs in the garden every night. It is called the Symphony of Lights.

Every year, they get to do this in ATG. The lights that hung from the trees are accompanied with a very festive music in every blink of these bright lights. It seems like those lights were dancing. I thought I'd miss the show this year because of my schedule at work but thankfully, we dropped by here one weekend just to enjoy this.

The show airs everyday at around 7pm in a 3o minute interval. Each show lasts at around 10 to 15 minutes. However, when you are watching it, it seems like it lasts for a longer period of time. The beauty of the garden and the bright dancing lights seems to stop time and enchants you as you listen and watch the light show. Here is a video of the show I watched. My friend said it was better compared to the one they have during weekend (sorry for the shaky hands).

It was really amazing watching this and I loved it. I hope they still have this next year and I am sure I'm gonna watch it again. So hurry up, show's until the end of December only. Catch a the Symphony of Lights at the Ayala Triangle Gardens this holiday season.

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