Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Food Trippin' Boracay: Bugs Grill

One night, we are treated with dinner by Pat since it was her birthday that day. We've been looking for a nice place to eat where they have buffet. We walked from Station 1 to 3 and back looking for a nice place to dine. Since we were getting hungry and tried we went to the nearest and most appetizing dishes in a buffet we can find. Near D'Mall is Bugs Grill where they serve buffet for PHP330 with bottomless iced tea.

The place is small and it was just a tent set up in the sand. It was between other establishments there but you will quickly recognize it with the logo on the table outside and the array of food choices available. Most of the dishes here are more pinoy and most are grilled. We liked it that they have soup and vegetables in the choices.

The place is dimly lit and the tables and chairs are half sinking in the soft sand but it was tolerable. They have dim lighting and it was almost impossible for me to see because of my poor eyesight and my laziness to bring my glasses. They have a small wash area at the back area which is good because it was equiped with water and soap.

Tables and the buffet table

They have a variety of dishes there, from sea food, pork, poultry, vegetables and many others. They have the pinoy classics, binagoongan, bicol express and the all classic inihaw. They have a lot to choose from and we started piling up our plates. The dishes are surprisingly good and yummy. They are filling and you can go back for more. They also have jello dessert that comes in different colors (same taste). And to add all up, the unlimited iced tea which is just perfect to wash down all the food.

assortment of vegetables, seafiid, pork and chicken dishes


ensaladang talong

jello for dessert

It wasn't that nice spot you can imagine there but it was good enough for us, plus the price is just okay for budget trippers like us. It is not that expensive plus food is just right. The place is just a bit off but it was still tolerable. I think I would still recommend this for those budget trippers out there, so try them out whenever you're in Boracay!

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