Sunday, December 18, 2011

Place to Stay at Boracay: Escondido Beach Resort

On our weekend getaway at Boracay, we stayed at Escondido Beach Resort which is located at  Zone Escondido, Station 1, Balabag, Boracay Island. It is just a few minutes walk from the beach. You need to cross the main street from here and it is located at the back of the church there. The resort is also where Crab House is located. It is a bit difficult to find but you can ask people around and they will quickly point to you its location.

Our stay here is through a coupon we availed for a 3D/2N stay with free breakfast and dinner. Comparing to other resort's rates, it wasn't that cheap but the coupon was already paid and it was still a good deal for all of us.

As you enter the resort, you will be greeted by cheerful staff and to the left is the reception area where we are served welcome drinks. We waited for the others to get there and they accommodated us nicely. We stayed there and relax as we waited for the others. We learned that we needed to print some stuff form the email upon buying the coupon so we asked them if we could leave our stuff and have the necessary stuff to be printed and we would also take lunch so we'll be back a bit late. They agreed and guarded the stuff we left to them, bringing only our most valuables with us.

Front Desk

After our lunch, we returned and we were escorted to our rooms. The resort was small and had a few rooms. All rooms, both on the first and 2nd level are facing the garden which was very nice especially at night where it was lit with nice lights. It was a dreamy place and it was nice to have that view in front of our room.

Common Area at the ground level

Pretty lights at the garden

Our rooms was located at the far end of the second level. It is a room good for three person. there is a small coffee table and chairs just outside our room. The veranda overlooks the garden and Crab House in front. As you enter, two beds, one double and a single one, greets you. In front of the bed are the TV, mini bar and a nice big mirror. There is also a coat hanger and a closet besides it. The beds has a side table in between where the night lamp was. At the far end was the bathroom with toilet. There is a shower area where they have hot and cold water and a sink area in it. It was nice that the bathroom was clean. Clean towels are available as well as other toiletries. They keep the room and bathroom clean everyday so it was so comfortable every time we get back from our daily adventure at the beach.

Keys to our room
Coffee Table outside the rooms

The rooms


Toilet and Bath

Shower and sink area

They have a friendly staff that never fails to greet us every time we arrive and what is very nice is the rooms were clean. We had a very comfortable stay there and we all loved it. If we didn't get this place for promo, I am sure it would be a lot more expensive. This and its location is one of the place's cons. If it woulf be a beach front, it would be better but I also like that it was a bit far from all the noise and party there. It was peaceful and there are only a few people so you can enjoy more with your friends.

Overall, if you get this place for promo, it would be a very nice deal. the place is very pretty and clean. The staff are friendly and very accommodating. The rooms are clean and they clean it everyday. It was a very comfortable stay at Escondido Beach Resort. If we had another chance, we would really like to stay here again. Two thumbs up for excellent service.

For more info:

Escondido Beach Resort
Zone Escondido, Station 1, Balabag, Boracay Island
Telephone: +63 (2) 3764535 (Manila),  +63 (922) 640-1981  (Boracay)
Telefax: +63 (2) 4135079
Cellphone: +63 (922) 850-1161

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