Friday, December 9, 2011

Food Trippin' Boracay: Aria Gelato

As we indulge in the sweet and yummy crepes of Crazy Crepe, my fried craved for a scoop of gelato and so, to satisfy her cravings, we all went to the far side of D'Mall de Boracay to buy a scoop of the yummy looking Aria Gelato.

The small store is just a counter wherein there is a display of gelato and its different flavors. There are crews behind it that waits for your order. All the available treats and their prices are in a sign just above where guests can see and decide what to buy.

Price list and other products

Different flavors to choose form

It was quite expensive (for me) in this store. A scoop is around PHP90 and it was not that grand. I think you ca buy a 2-scoop gelato for that price and have other flavors in it too. Good thing I didn't buy here because I don't think that it will satisfy my sweet cravings. However, my friend seems to enjoy it and so I asked to have a taste.

A scoop of the gelato (PHP90)

It was good and yummy. I liked it as well as she did. The flavor bursts in your mouth in each bite and it is a nice dessert for all the dinner we had that night. The downside, it was not that cheap and the serving is not that grand for its price. I think it's not that worth the price even if it really tasted good.

Overall rating for Aria Gelato: place is located nicely, just near most of the dining area. Flavor is good, it was yummy and satisfactory dessert. Price is too high for the small serving. I think it was the only down side here. I hope on that price, we got to have two scoops to taste two different flavors. I could also recommend it as a must try if you have some cash to spare but skip it if you're in a budget as there are other stores that sell gelato on this island.

Aria Gelato
D' Mall de Boracay
Boracay Island, Philippines

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