Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Dinner at Kulinarya Experience

It was my first time at Robinson's Place Manila and me and my friends decided to have dinner there after a day of adventure around Manila. We ended up picking Kulinarya Experience aka KXP as our place to eat and we all liked it here.

Kulinarya Experience is located at the Midtown Wing of the Mall. It is found at a corner near CBTL. It is a bit small but you can easily notice it with a big sign and a big menu display just outside it. As you enter, you will be greeted with the crew in their kitchen and bar area where they get most of the orders. The rest of the area are seats for guests. It was quite big and I think it can seat around thirty to forty people. The place is dimly lit adding to a nice cozy ambiance.

Their cozy and nice restaurant

Waiters accommodate you upon arrival and will set your table right away and give you the menu. They are attentive and attends quickly to our needs. They patiently wait for us to decide what to eat and list down our orders for that night. There is little waiting time and our food comes out quickly and hot. Just in time for hungry diners like us.

The dishes here are pasta, salad, pizza, burgers and rice meals plus desserts. It is a combination of all the viands that Pinoys love. We had the Combo Platter 2 and 3 and Crispy Value Meal 3 plus a plate of Kani and Mango Salad. Combo 2 is a plate pf Chicken Strips, Pasta (Carbonara) and Salad. Combo 3 is Burger Slider, Pasta (Spaghetti) and Fries. Crispy Value Meal 3 is a plate of rice, Crispy Fish Strips and some Mixed Vegetables on the side. We partnered our meals with a glass of house brewed Iced Tea.

House Blend Iced Tea (Regular and Bottomless)

Combo Platter 2: Chicken Strips, Pasta and Slad (PHP125)
 I liked the Chicken Strip best here in their Combo Platter 2. It was tender and really goes well with the gravy on the side. The pasta however was a bit dry but it's flavors are good. It lacks a bit more of bacon bits but overall it was still good. The salad lacked dressing but it was good. Good thing we also had the Kani and Mango Salad so I just dipped it on some of its sauce.

Combo Platter 3: Pasta, Burger Slider and Fries (PHP140)
 I didn't order this but what I noticed from the Combo Platter 3 is that the slider burgers were too small. However, overall, it looked good and according to my friend, it was okay for him.

Crispy Value Meal 3: Fish Fillet, Rice and Mixed Vegetables (PHP98)

The fish here in the Crispy Value Meal 3 is the winner. It was best with the dip. I really liked it and wished this was my meal. The fish was perfectly fried and the mayo dip married to it was really really good. I really loved it.

Kani and Mango Salad (PHP120)
The mango here in the Kani and Mango Salad is really sour. Good thing the sauce they put here has a sweet taste. It saved the dish. It has also a lot of greens but it was still okay. The Kani strips blends well with the mango sauce.

Overall, the food is all yummy and is served hot. There is nothing special in the taste of the dishes, though. I like that they had combo meals and you don't need to think of other dishes especially when you are hungry. The place is nice and so is the crew. Even if we are a bit lingering there, they are patiently attending to us. The place is nice, clean and cozy. It is a nice place to hang out with family or friends. It was a good dining experience there and I liked it. Try them out whenever you're in Robinson's Place Manila and experience Kulinarya Experience!

Kulinarya Experience "KXP"
Robinson Place Manila - Midtown Wing
Pedro Gil cor. Adriatico St., Ermita
Manila, Metro Manila
(02) 567-2562

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