Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Lunch Out Series: Fish & Co.

It has been a long while since I had a lunch out because of the shift we had for the past few months. Since we are now in a code freeze and everything was back to normal schedule, we decided to dine out before we are on holidays.

We decided to go to Greenbelt 3 and dine at Fish & Co. located at the third level just beside the array of restaurants near the cinema area. It was an ordinary day so there were less people dining in most of the restaurants there. As we enter, the staff welcomed us and assisted us to our chairs. There were only a few people there at that time so they attend to us much more attentively.

The place is quite small. You can see a bar as you enter where there are a lot of liquors displayed and a large LCD TV where you can watch sports. Around are tables and chairs for guests. They have more seating at the back but we couldn't see it since we're seated near the bar area. There are also some seating outside whenever the area is full of guests. You can also opt to stay there if you smoke or just don't want to stay inside.

tables and bar area

The tables were arranged for each guests. They have the usual utensils and condiments at the table. A menu is presented as you are seated. They offer you drinks as you order. The ambiance is a bit cozy and it was quite quiet since there are only few diners at that time. But I guess it is lively whenever the place is full.

Orange Pirate (PHP85)

Ripe Mango Shake (PHP120)

We decided to order some drinks. I opted for the cocktail drink which is called the Orange Pirate. It is a mixture of pineapple, orange and a kick of rum. It was like a screw driver but they have a different name for it. My friend had a Ripe Mango Shake for herself.

The Best Fish and Chips in Town! (PHP205)

We both had the Best Fish & Chips in Town! We had the good for one serving. We waited for a long while before it was served. It was served hot and they gave us some ketchup for the fries. And indeed, it was the best fish and chips I had. It was a big slab of deep fried to golden-brown perfection fish fillet sided with a handful of fries and a slice of lemon. The fish had some sauce on top but I think it wasn't how it looked like on the menu. It was a bit less than what I expected so I didn't have the full taste of it. The fish was really crispy and yummy. I liked how it was prepared and with the equally crispy fries, I like it very much. It was really good.

We didn't order any other dish but that sure sealed the deal. the food and drink we had was yummy. Although the price is not that very affordable and there are only a few in the menu where it is a bit cheap and reasonable, it was still a good place to eat considering that the dishes were yummy. Also, staff are nice even if service is a bit slow. You should not eat there if you're super hungry because the food takes a while to be served. The place is also nice and is perfect for family bonding or just hanging out with friends. I still give this place a thumbs up!

So if you have some cash to spare on food, try Fish & Co. out. They have a lot of branches nationwide, or if you're near Makati, try it at Greenbelt 3.

Fish & Co.
3/F Greenbelt 3, Esperanza St., Ayala Center
Makati City, Metro Manila
(02) 729-7431 to 32

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