Saturday, December 10, 2011

Exploring Istanbul: Topkapi Palace and Rustem Pasa Masque

The second half of the tour began after lunch. After exploring Hagia Sofia, Blue Mosque and Grand Bazaar, we proceed to Topkapi Palace and Rustem Pasa Mosque in the afternoon and explored the other places and learn the history of the old civilization, Constantinople, today, Istanbul, Turkey.

The bus took us back to Sultan Ahmet to where we were in the morning. It took us to the entrance of the famous Topkapi Palace where the sultans had lived before they changed their government. As we alight the bus, we were given a brief preview of the place. We waited until we got our tickets and finally entered the gates of the old palace.

Topkapi Palace Ticket

The first gate you will enter to get inside the palace

the main gate with lots of tourists entering

The place is really large and it was like living in those movies where royalties lived. As you enter the enormous gates of the palace, you are welcomed in a green surrounding that looks like a park. It overlooks Bosphorus. It was a relaxing scenery and you can walk or just stay there if you like. There are shops there and some stores where some tourists go to to buy stuff. After walking the path, we stopped before entering the main gates of the Topkapi Palace. We were given a few trivia before finally entering it. It was a large gate and it seems like a long time ago, a lot of guards are guarding it. As we entered, we saw the blueprint of the whole area. It was really big and the area we were in was just the main entrance and we need to walk further to the main area where all the exhibits are.

pretty view of Bosphorus

After walking to another park-like area and listening to the guides, we were on our own to explore. There are a lot of exhibit area there that showcase a lot of stuff, from the treasures of the sultans, to their weapons and to odd treasures. Photography is not allowed inside so I couldn't show you how much treasure this place holds.

map of the palace

carriage they used

Golden archways

The buildings inside the palace

From what I remembered, as we entered the main area, we saw a lot of treasures, jewels, precious stones, thrones covered in gold, and a lot more sparkling stuff. There is a 60 karat diamond which really amazed me. Rubies, emeralds and diamonds all over. It was like a big treasure chest there. The armory in the other hand, showcases nice weapons. From axes, swords, shields, arrows and armors, everything they get to use in battles are there. It was amazing. There are other interesting stuff there like Moses' cane which he used to part the Red Sea. It wasn't that glamorous but it was really amazing to see it there.

Where Asia and Europe meet

After a while of exploring the exhibit, we went to the area where the Bosphorus is seen. It was a great scenery and it was relaxing. We sat for a while, resting our aching feet from all the walking we've done, admiring the pretty straight in front of us. Across is Asia, we are in Europe at that moment,  and it was amazing to be at two continents at the same time.

you can hang out here if you like

Photo ops before going back

After about an hour, we headed back to our bus. we couldn't afford to miss out on it this time since we have our stuff there. We were in time and after a while we left the place.

Rustem Pasa Mosque

We headed next to Rustem Pasa Mosque. It is a small mosque on the top of a bazaar. It was like any other mosque but since few people go here, they implement strict rules upon entering. We must wear veils on our head and we should take off our shoes. The guide said that the style of the mosque was experimental. A mix of modern and the old tradition. For me it was the same compared to the previous mosque I've been in to. Maybe because I had nothing to compare it to that made me say that. However, all I can say is that it was also beautiful inside and peaceful.

Inside the mosque

The inside of the mosque, similar to the blue mosque

The kid wearing a veil inside in respect to the religion 

The wall designs on the mosque

After touring the place. They each dropped us off to different places. For us, we went back to where we started. We were picked up by our service back to the Asia side and that ended our tour. Tired but we had a lot of experience to share to others. It was nice to have been there and done that.

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