Thursday, October 13, 2011

Food Trippin' Istanbul: Günaydın

It is dinner time again in Turkey and we are wanting something greasy. We went to Carrefour Food Court to check out anything that would satisfy our cravings. Yes, again, I am stress eating.

We decided to try out Günaydın. I've seen this restaurant many times on the streets that we roam. I usually notice it for the bright yellowish/orange sign on a black background. They are all over the place and even in Carrefour food court, they have a small branch. Our colleagues ate here during their last day at Istanbul and I was curious because the meal they are having looks very yummy.

Their Area in the Carrefour Food Court
The place usually sells Doner and Durum. We picked out at on of the pictures they have there and decided to have Cizbiz Kofte. We are really not sure of what it is but we chose it because the rice that comes with it. We partnered it with a can of soda.

Cizbiz Kofte (8.00TL)
The Cizbiz Kofte is a plate of beef that I assume is grilled with a scoop of rice, a tomato with some fries on the side. It also has a chili to top it all with a scoop of dip on the side. Th meat is good. The right kind of saltiness which we are looking for. It is best complimented with the fries which is unseasoned. The rice however is a bit to salty and combining them makes it really really salty. The meat also goes well with the tomato and chili.

Overall the dis is very good, another taste of Istanbul is what we had this night. The serving is very hearty and it sure is filling. The price is very affordable for the size of the serving and service, even if it was just in the food court, is really good. We didn't wait long for our food and it was served hot and right off the grill. Another must try place to eat when you're in Turkey!

For more info:

İçerenköy Mh., İçerenköy Carrefour, 
34752 Istanbul Province/
Istanbul, Turkey

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