Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Backpacking Korea: Trick Eye Museum

After our tour at Nami Island in the morning, we didn't know what to do for the rest of the day. We decided to go to Trick Eye Museum located near Hongdae Station. I first saw this on a Korean Drama and I didn't realize that I'll be one day going here and have fun.

As you exit the subway station, you just need to walk around 200m and soon you will find the sign of Trick Eye Museum which is located in the basement of a building.

Information on the place:
Santorini Seoul is a multipurpose cultural complex comprised of a museum, gallery, performance hall, shop, and a cafĂ©. The cultural complex, located in the basement floor of Homi Atelier (a famous art supply store for professional artists), is around 700 pyeong (more than 2000 meters squared) in size. The facility can be categorized into three main parts: an open-run museum exclusively for trick art; three galleries / performance hall; and an art museum displaying cat-related pieces. 

The trick art museum features paintings that are extremely realistic and seem as if they are in 3D. By posing next to the painting in a certain way, you can take a picture and look like you’re part of the painting! In the gallery section, artwork by well known artists is on display and is changed every few months. The complex stays open every night until 10:00pm and is a popular date spot for office workers.
The place is composed of several galleries where different exhibits are placed. As you enter the place, you will be instantly transported to Greece where the blue and white buildings of Santorini can be seen. There is a gallery near where they exhibit the Greek Gods and Godesses. Also, you can play around and take photos with the mythical creatures.

Greek Mythology Gallery

riding the pegasus


Trojan Horse

The middle part of the hall is a cafe where guests can sit and relax while enjoying some refreshments. It is also near the ticket gallery where you can buy tickets for the Trick Eye Museum.
Admission / Participation Fees
Adults: 13,000won (individual) / 10,000 won (group of 20)
Youth: 11,000won (individual) / 8,000 won (group of 20)
Children 3 years old and younger: FREE

The Trick Eye Museum is porbably the biggest gallery here. It is composed of several rooms where your imagination will run wild. This place has a lot of murals in 3D so you can take photos and be part of the portrait. It was sure fun going around here and there is no better way to tell you this than to give you a visual tour of the place:

part of the painting

ticket booth

peeing on the shoe

grab the gold coins!

sphere from the knight


optical illusion room


medusa's head

blowup Monalisa


in bed

struck by cupid

the head

angel wings

two paintings


afro at the bus stop

hour glass

Leaning Tower of Pisa


big sushi!

at the circus

bad kid

see saw

gun in the streets

nice abs!


oh no!

You will spend around an hour or two here and a lot of memory card from the digital camera as you explore all the rooms here. You will definitely have a lot of fun. You will never run out of ideas and I am sure your inner child will arouse.

Going here is really something different from the usual itinerary when going around Seoul. There are a few people going here and we surely enjoyed it because of this. You should try this and I am sure you'll enjoy it as much as we did.

Trick Eye Museum

Seoul-si Mapo-gu Seogyo-dong
357-1 Seogyo Plaza B02-01
• 1330 tt call center:            +82-2-1330      
(Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)
• For more info:            +82-2-322-8177      
Operating Hours
N/A (Open all year round)

Maximum Occupancy
800 people
Program Information
Student groups (kindergarten and elementary school) who make a reservation in advance may participate in optical illusion educational programs.
Age Limit for Activities
Visitors over the age of 3
Exhibition Hall Information
* Trick Art Museum - history hall, classic hall, theme hall, fashion hall
* Santorini Seoul Gallery - 1, 2 ,3 halls
* Cat Museum
* Cafe Oia
Admission / Participation Fees
Adults: 13,000won (individual) / 10,000 won (group of 20)
Youth: 11,000won (individual) / 8,000 won (group of 20)
Children 3 years old and younger: FREE
Parking Facilities
Parking Fee
Free for the first 30min; 1,500 won for each additional 30min
Foreign Language Intepretation Services
English, Japanese, Chinese leaflets
Reservation available by phone:             +82-2-3144-6300      
From Exit #9 of Hongdae Station (Subway Line 2), walk straight for 200m towards the Starbucks coffee shop.

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