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Place to Stay in Seoul: Namsan Guest House

Since we're on a budget trip in Korea, we decided to stay in a backpacker's inn on our remaining two nights at Seoul. We booked online with Namsan Guest House which is located a few minutes walk from Myeong-dong station.

The inn has three branches. Namsan Guest House 1, 2 and 3. Namsan 2 and 3 are besides each other while Namsan 1 is a few more walk up hill. We stayed at Namsan 3 which is closer to the Subway station. It was their newest rooms and so all the rooms there are for twin sharing, unlike the other two which other room types.

I personally wanted to stay at a dorm type room since it was cheaper and more fun since you can meet other people but I think they were quite booked and Namsan 3 was the only available rooms left at that time. Besides, it is quite new and it looks clean, so we decided to book there.

To go there, they provided these instructions at their website:

From Myeongdong station Subway line No.4(Blue line), face Pacific hotel and go straight right side
(Way to Namsan cable car) 150 M,locate left side of the road.

Get off at Myeongdong station Subway line No.4(Blue line),Get out from Exit No.3 and face Pacific hotel and go
straight right side (Way to Namsan cable car) 150 M,locate left side of the road.

 Airport Limousine Bus
Take Airport Limousine Bus 6015 at the Incheon airport 5B,12A, and get off at the Sejong Hotel. Go straight down to Myeongdong station Subway line No.4(Blue line) 20 M,Get out from Exit No.3 and face Pacific hotel, go straight right side (Way to Namsan cable car) 150 M,locate left side of the road

 Airport Pick up Service
* Incheon Airport : 60,000 Won for 4 persons per a time (1-3 persons are the same price)
* Kimpo Airport   : 35,000 Won for 4 persons per a time (1-3 persons are the same price)
They also provided a map:


As you check in, you will pay immediately depending on your reservation to them (reserve through email). They'll give you instructions upon payment. They will show you where to get clean towels if ever you need them, also, the bread and instant noodles that you can bring to the common mess area and eat at breakfast. They will also tell you where the common areas are and they will show you to your room and give you the keys.

Room Rates

The room is just small. Since this is a twin room, there are two beds/cushions on the floor with a pillow and comforter. There is a long desk beside it where you can find the toiletries and the cable TV. There are towels and clothes hanger available too. There are no floor heaters but the air conditioning is enough to keep you warm in the room.


The toilet and bath is quite disappointing. It was very small and you'll have limited movement while using it. The toilet is just a few inches from the sink and when you turn on the shower, everything will get wet. You need to hold it to prevent it from splashing everywhere. Good thing they have a hot and cold water there since it was really freezing.

the beds

the very small toilet and bath

Another not so nice thing about this place is that the internet connection at the 5th floor is very poor. We cannot go online in our room which is quite frustrating. I hope they move the router so that guests staying at the other end of the hallway can still catch some net service. Aside from those, it was comfortable staying in the room since we'll just be there to sleep.

The rooftop is intended for hanging your clothes or just chill. But since it was still winter, it was really not advisable to stay there for long. The view up there is really nice. You can see the famed Namsan Tower since it was just a few minutes walk going there.


Namsan Tower view

At the basement of the building is the mess area. There is a kitchen and a lot of tables for guests to eat. There is also some gym equipment if you want to use them. Also, PC's with internet is available. The kitchen is complete with ref, plates, toasters, coffee maker and water dispenser. You need to wash your own dishes here just like in any other inns.

The common area / kitchen / dining area / computer area

photo wall of the guests there

Breakfast is free here and you can get instant noodles and bread and toast it. They have spreads available and some coffee too. It was really good and we are always well fed everyday.

coffee noodles and toast for breakfast

Aside from the shitty internet on our room and the small bathroom space, I liked this place. They have secured doors which needs a password (of course, they tell this to us) and they have elevators so you won't get tired on getting to your room. They also clean everyday but you need to request it if you want your room to be cleaned. They have friendly and accommodating staff, plus you can leave your stuff as you checked in. It was really convenient for backpackers who are looking for a nice and cheap place to stay. Plus, it is near Namsan Tower and Myeongdong Shopping area so you'll have no problem going there whenever you want. I personally recommend this place, please check them out (Namsan 1, 2 and 3) and I'm sure you'll enjoy your stay in Seoul.

Namsan Guest House 3

32-13 Namsandong 2 ga, Jung gu, Seoul, Korea
Tel: (02) 752-6368, 752-6369 / Fax:(02)752-6365

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