Monday, March 5, 2012

Backpacking Korea: Shinsegae Department Store

After touring the Busan Aquarium in  Haeundae Beach, we all went to the subway all the way to Centum City to see the biggest department store which holds the Guinness World Record.

You can easily go there through the subway since the mall is already connected there. From there you can walk and explore the many floors and hundreds of stores inside. There are a thousand items to see, a shopping haven for those shopaholics out there!

The mall consist of several floors, each level has certain themes. Some sells food, others clothes and shoes for men and women. They offer a lot more in its many floors. As you go to their main exit, you will see the Guinness World Record certification it received. It was just so overwhelming being inside there. We cannot even thoroughly explore one floor and we just passed by and admire the many stuff they have there for sale. The items range from branded products to just about anything. If I were really rich, I'd go shop here all day :P. I think if I go to each store one by one, a day is not enough. It is like shopping all day inside there!

Guinness Certificate

Map going there
Here are more information about the department store:
The Shinsegae Centum City Department Store is registered in the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest shopping complex in the world. The department store has a countless number of items all under one roof. Visitors can also enjoy numerous entertainment options in the complex. Shinsegae, which opened the first department store in Korea, reflects decades of retail experience in this flagship location. Some entertainment facilities include a spa and an ice rink. 
Globally renowned experts such as Italian architect Claudio Silvestrin and,an American architecture and design firm Callison completed Centum City under the concept of a “golden sea”. The department store has emerged as a defining landmark in Busan. 
11~14F Golf Driving Range
10F Trinity Sports Club & Spa
9F CGV Multiplex Cinema, Department Store (Sky Park), Restaurants, Shinsegae Culture Hall, Customer Service Center, Wedding / Travel Agency
8F CGV Multiplex Cinema, Department Store (Fashion Street, Event Hall), Hair Salon
7F CGV Multiplex Cinema, Department Store (Living), Clinics, Glasses, Jewelry, Electronics After-Sales Service
6F CGV Multiplex Cinema, Shinsegae Academy, Shinsegae Gallery, PSA, Department Store (Children’s Wear, Golf, Lingerie), Children’s Rest Area
5F Cine de Chef, Kyobo Book Store, Bank, Department Store (Men’s Wear), Repair Shop for Men’s Wear
4F Ice Rink, Food Park, Cell Phones, Department Store (Ladies’ Wear), Repair Shop for Ladies’ Wear
3F Spa Land, Department Store (Ladies’ Wear, Sports), Repair Shop for Shoes
2F Spa Land, Repair Shop, VIP Zone, Department Store (Luxury Boutiques, Ladies’ Wear)
1F Spa Land, Department Store (Luxury Boutiques / Fashion Accessories), Information Desk, Baby Stroller Rental Center, Gift Voucher Desk
B1 Pharmacy, Dry Cleaner’s, Photo Printing, Packing Service for Members, Personal Lockers, Food Court, Department Store (Foods / Living)
B2 Vehicle Maintenance, Event Hall
Shinsegae Department store - 10:30~20:00 / Tel. +82-1588-1234
Spa Land – 06:00~24:00 / Tel. +82-51-745-2900
Ice Rink – 10:30 ~22:00 / Tel. +82-51-745-1400
CGV – 09:00~02:00 / Tel. +82-1544-1122
Kyobo bookstore - 10:30 ~22:00 / Tel. +82-51-731-3601
Golf Range 06:00 ~22:00 / Tel. +82-51-745-1930
1) Convenient Facilities * Repair Service – 7F Electronics After-Sales Service, 5F Repair Shop for Men’s Wear, 4F Repair Shop for Ladies’ Wear, 3F Repair Shop for Shoes, 2F Repair Shop for Luxury Items * Clinics – 7F Dentist’s, Dermatology Clinic, Medicinal Herb Clinic
* Others – 9F Wedding / Travel Agency, 8F Beauty Salon, Studio, 7F Glasses, Jewelry, 5F Busan Bank, 4F SK Telecom T-World, B1 Photo Printing, Flower Shop, Packing Service, Dry Cleaner’s, Pharmacy, B2 Vehicle Maintenance
2) Service Facilities * Customer Service Center (9F) – Shinsegae Point (mileage) Center, Shinsegae City Card, Shinsegae Samsung Card, Customer Center
* Guide Service – Information Desk, Concierge Service
* VIP Service – Trinity Lounge, Members’ Lounge, Community Lounge, PSL, Valet Lounge * Resting Places – Children’s Rest Area, Men’s Rest Area, Young Lounge
* Others – Premium Desk (8F), Gift Voucher Desk (1F), Baby Stroller Rental Center (1F), Checkroom (6F)
* Service Desk (B1) – Exchange/Return Services, Lost & Found
From Seoul Station (subway lines #1 or 4), Take KTX (2hr 40min travel time) or Saemaul (3hr 40 min travel time) or Mugunghwa (05:25 to 23:00 / every 10 min / 5hr 20min travel time) >> From Busan Station, take subway to Centum City Station (Busan Subway line #2) >> The subway station is connected to the complex.

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