Sunday, March 11, 2012

Lighten Up the Sky: 3rd Philippine International Pyromusical Competition 2012

This year, the annual pyromusical competition in SM Mall of Asia is on its 3rd year. Just like the other years, people gather up at the bay side of MOA to witness this spectacular event. All eyes are in the sky as excited guests wait for the pretty fireworks in the 3rd Philippine International Pyromusical Competition.

The event can be viewed in the general viewing area near the bay and audience can choose to buy either the gold or silver ticket. They can also opt to buy the VIP where food is served and best viewing seats in the place. Also, restaurants nearby offer special offers to people who wants to watch the event. They give promos to them and seat the guests in the area over seeing the fireworks. We availed one of those and it doesn't give you the best view but it was much better than standing in the crowd of people in the main area.

The plants in our area was a bit blocking the view but it was quite okay since majority of the sky is seen form there. We were seated and were eating while we await the main event to start.

Introductions form the host started the program. There are performances happening on the stage but we were too far form it and just listening to whatever they are doing. There are performers singing and dancing and it can be viewed at the wide screen they placed around the area. However, we are all waiting for the fireworks to start.

waiting for the event to start

After several test shots of the fireworks, the main event started. That night, China, which is the last year's champion performed first followed by the guys form Netherlands. They are given around 15 to 20 minutes to perform each and a few minutes of interval for preparation. It was a nice weather that night and not that windy so it was perfect to have some fireworks going in the night sky.

China's performance was themed on a love story that was divided into 5 acts, narrations in between. It was a bit complicated to relate the story music and fireworks all together but I liked how they had a very colorful and pretty show in the sky. Here are some of the photos.

Netherlands comes after. They also had colorful fireworks but most of the act is dragging. They repeat most of the fireworks too long and I anticipated for more exciting scenes up there. I am also not familiar of their music, plus, I think they have some technical difficulties on the sounds since it was not that heard much on our side. They delivered a pretty show too and they also left the audience in awe at their ending.

Here is a video of Netherland's performance:

Both performance are spectacular and it was really amazing. I am always like a child every time I watch fireworks in the sky and since this is a really nice show, I am all giddy and excited all throughout the show. I hope I could watch all the performance but I have other plans on other weekends, however, here are the schedule of the shows for the rest of the weekends:

February 11, 2012, Saturday: South Korea vs. Malta - done
February 18, 2012, Saturday: United Kingdom vs. Spain - done
February 25, 2012, Saturday: Finland vs. Portugal - done
March 3, 2012, Saturday: China vs. The Netherlands - done
March 10, 2012, Saturday: Australia vs. Canada
March 17, 2012, Saturday: Italy vs. Philipines - dont' miss this finale!

3rd Philippine International Pyro Musical Competition 2012
www.PyroPhilippines.comSM by the Bay, Mall of Asia Grounds

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