Sunday, March 11, 2012

Food Trippin' Korea: Dunkin' Donuts Cafe

As we walk around Busan, we got hungry in the afternoon. After hours of walking and taking photos, we decided to find a place to eat up and escape the cold weather for a while. We found a Dunkin Donuts Cafe at the end of the streets of Nampo-dong.

I was quite amazed that they have a Dunkin' Donuts coffee shop here and you can actually dine in and hang out. I was used to the small stalls of Dunkin' Donuts here and I was still very young when I was in a store but not an actual cafe. They serve different donuts and even coffee or hot choco. It was really cozy there and I really liked the place.

As you enter the store, you will smell the yummy freshly baked donuts. You need to get the stuff you want and pay at the counter. They have comfortable chairs in the store for guests to stay a while. The staff are also friendly and accommodating. We asked for directions to them and they even asked someone to interpret in English for us. The store also has free wifi, so we grabbed the opportunity to get connected for a while.

cozy seats inside

some wall postings

yummy donuts

I had two different donuts and a Green Tea Latte. It was really good and yummy and comfortable to stay there since it was freezing cold outside and the hot drink and a full tummy makes us fight the cold weather

Bavarian (KRW1,200) and chocolate donut (KRW800)

Green Tea Latte (KRW3,000)

The hot Green Tea Latte was perfect with the donuts! I really loved this place and I wished they have the same one back in the Philippines. I think there is one in Mall of Asia but I am not quite sure if it has this  same cozy feeling like here.

Dunkin Donuts Cafe

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