Sunday, March 4, 2012

Team Lunch at BonChon Chicken

At long last, we had a team lunch again together with all the members of our team and all those who made our deployment successful. We all gathered at BonChon Chicken at Ayala Triangle Garden on hot weekday noon.

Among the array of restaurants in Ayala Triangle Gardens is BonChon. Their branch here is just small but we managed to reserve seats for the 20 plus people that dined in there. We usually eat here and orders their set meals. They are famous of their crispy chicken's outer layer. Thinking of it makes me want to go there and eat again. We ordered bundles of chicken this time, not the set meals that we usually had since today, a really big group will be dining together.

I think we ordered a Big Box of Chicken Wings since we are presented with a lot of food that day. The chicken wings had variety of flavors. We had the original, soy garlic and spicy. We also had some Big Box of Chicken Chops which is equally plenty. It also comes in different flavors. As our side dish, we had their Chapchae which is a noodle dish. It was one of my favorite dish there. We are overflowing with food. Literally!

Big Box of Wings (or Chpos PHP1395)

Chapchae (PHP75)

My meal! :)

I was just wondering, because when you order the set meal, the chicken they had there was a bit of a dry inside however,this time as we eat, I noticed that it was juicer compared to the one I tasted before. I think it was because the chickens were freshly cooked. I am not sure, but I liked BonChon more this day!

Turkey Team, happy and full :P

Come and visit their stores in Makati. They have another branch in Greenbelt 1.

BonChon Chicken Philippines
Ayala Triangle Gardens
Ayala Avenue, Makati City
621-6188 / 621-6130

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