Thursday, March 22, 2012

Lunch at Kim n' Chi

After enduring three hours of our morning in Beauty Brick for our permed hair, we were so hungry and wanted a nice lunch somewhere comfortable and away from the heat of the noon sun. We decided to go to Glorietta to check on some stuff and also have our lunch there.

We ended up in Glorietta Food Choices and one of the food stalls that attracted us was Kim n' Chi which is a Korean fast food. We decided to give it a try since I am still craving for Korean dishes and we're so hungry that we decided right away.

Kim n' Chi is relatively new there. I first saw it a few weeks back. They are located in between Go Greek and Manang's Chicken. It is quite easy to find if you look at the end part of Food Choices first.

They have a friendly crew which takes up your order and payment at the counter. They give this indicator whenever your order is ready. It will vibrate and blink meaning, you need to get your order at the counter. It was quite efficient since you can roam around and look for seats while not worrying if you're number is already called.

indicator that blinks when your order is ready

They serve different meals there, from appetizers to desserts. They have value meals which has a lot in one plate. We had one of those since we're really hungry at that time. You can also get additional orders of side dishes there.

Beef Stew Set Meal (PHP119)

I got the set meal of Beef Stew since I was missing this dish already and haven't tasted it when I was in Korea. The set meal consist of the main dish which is the Beef Stew, Rice, Chapche, and some side dishes. It was quite disappointing that the side dish is not Kimchi but it was okay.

The food generally tasted good. I liked the beef stew and the chapche. the beef slides off the bone and the sauce is very good. The side dishes is also good especially the egg side dish. It was also filling since there are a lot of rice in the set meal. It was yummy and affordable and it was very filling. It was a nice lunch for us after a long morning at the salon.

Check them out at Food Choices in Greenbelt and try out their dishes. There are other choices in their menu that I am sure you will also like.

Kim N' Chi
3/F Glorietta 4, Ayala Center
Makati City, Metro Manila

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