Sunday, April 22, 2012

Food Trippin' Korea: Beans Bins Coffee

After our afternoon shopping at Myeongdong, we all got hungry and decided to have some snacks before finally leaving Seoul in the night. Our Korean friend recommended a  place where she said serves the nicest waffles. And so, we all went to Beans Bins Coffee to have a cup of coffee and some waffles.

Located among the many shops and stores in Myeongdong, you can find this store at a second floor of a building (sorry guys, can't quite describe it as I was a bit lost in all the shops there). You can see a sign just outside that will lead you to this shop. They are said to be the best waffle in town that is why we were excited to have a taste of it.

As you get up some flight of stairs, you will get to Beans Bins Coffee Shop. The place is quite big and there are already a lot of guests relaxing and enjoying their stay there. It has a cozy and warm ambiance perfect for the cold weather outside. The chairs and tables were comfortable and spacious. They even have an area for smokers separated from the rest of the customers. The tables beside the windows give a nice view of the busy shoppers of Myeongdong.

cozy ambiance in the coffee shop

guests enjoying their coffee and waffles

We settled ourselves in the corner of the shop. The counter was at the center and it has easy access to all the guests. We decided to order 2 waffles for the four of us. They have a set meal there wherein you can have a coffee and a waffle. We availed of that and got ourselves a Strawberry Waffle and an Ice Cream Waffle. Both were accompanied by two cups of hot coffee.

Strawberry Waffle

The Strawberry Waffle was topped with cream and a lot of strawberries and drizzled with powdered sugar and strawberry sauce on top. The sweet, sour and yummy flavor blends perfectly with the crispy outside but fluffy inside of  the waffle. It was really good.

Ice Cream Waffle

The Ice Cream Waffle is a combination of Chocolate and Strawberry Ice cream with whipped cream and fresh strawberries and bananas on top. It is drizzled with chocolate sauce and powdered sugar on top. We get to choose the ice cream flavor we had here and it blended nicely with the yummy waffle. It is a mix of the cold ice cream and warm crisp waffle. It was all good.

yummy waffles and coffee

They have indeed the best waffles I ever tasted and I am glad that our friend brought us there. It was all good, yummy and comforting for us. It was a nice send off snack for all of us before we leave Seoul. I'm sure I'll be back here and have a taste of the other yummy waffles they serve here.

Beans Bins Coffee

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