Friday, April 6, 2012

Food Trippin' Korea: Namu Cafe

As we were waiting for my friend's Korean friends, we looked for a warm place to wait. As we exit the subway, we found a small coffee shop nearby to rest and avail of the free wifi services. Also, to have something warm to drink in this cold weather. We settled in Namu Cafe.

Located at the second floor of a building near Sinchon Station, the cafe is accessible for people who want to enjoy a hot cup of drink. They offer free wifi in their shop and so, we took the chance to get connected to the outside world.

The shop is quite big and is very cozy. It is warm inside and is perfect escape from the freezing weather outside. The main counter is located right at the entrance of the store. The staff are accommodating and greets you with a warm welcome. They are all busy serving the guests that come in their shop.

the main counter

the tables for guests

The store over looks the city below. It has a nice view if you prefer to sit near the window. At night, the street lights are a pretty sight up there. The place is just simple and all the guests seems comfortable. We all went to have our cup of hot beverage. They have quite a selection and most of them are quite pricey. They are just like coffee shops here but it was quite alright.

overlooking the streets

As we ordered, the staff made the drinks. We can watch them since we're sitting near the counter. They served it quickly and it tasted good, in general.

I had a cup of Milk Tea while the others had a cup of Cappuccino and a Caramel Macchiato. They are all served hot but they quickly get cold so it is better to drink them quickly. They also serve food there but since we're planning on dinner, we just had the drinks.

Cappuccino (KRW5,500)

Caramel Macchiato (KRW5,500)

Milk Tea (KRW5,500)

The beverages there were good and since we're near the counter, we can see other drinks that they serve, and they too looks good. They also have cold beverages and desserts. It was a nice shop and very cozy. Plus nice staff who are very friendly. Try them whenever you get the chance.

Note: I couldn't find any information about their store on the net so I couldn't tell you where to find or contact them. All I can tell you is that they are at the 2nd floor of a building near Sinchon Station. Apologies since I am not yet familiar with the places there at that time.

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