Saturday, February 4, 2012

Friday Night at Trellis

It was a Friday night after a long week of client support at the office. It was a tiring week and the best way to end it is a night out with a lot of food and overflowing drinks!

Trellis is located at the ground floor of Telcom Bldg along Sen. Gil Puyat Avenue in Makati City. It was just a few minutes walk from our office and after working hours, we immediately proceeded there.

It is located a bit hidden to the public. You need to go inside the building since the entrance is there. You wouldn't recognize it aside from the sign it has from outside. The area was big and is filled with young professionals. They have a smoking and non smoking area inside. As we entered, I missed the smell of sizzling sisig mixed in the air conditioned area. Sisig is what made them famous that is why, this night will not be without this dish.

As we settled to our seats that the crew prepared for us, we ordered our food. We also had drinks and since the new Tanduay Ice flavors are new to me, we made sure to have some.

Tanduay Ice new flavors

We had their Sizzling Sisig, of course, a plate of Sizzling Chicken, Pakbet and Chopsuey. We also had some beer and the Tanduay Ice for drinks. They have a promo there that when your bill reaches a minimum of PHP1500, they will give you a free plate of Sizzling Sisig which was just right for a night of fun.

After a while, the dishes were served. Everything was looking good. i like the Sizzling Chicken and its sauce. It was really good and was served sizzling hot. Paired with some vegetables, the dish is good enough for two to three people. It was really good.

Sizzling Chicken (PHP340)

The two vegetable dishes, Pakbet and Chopsuey, were also good. Each plate is good for four to five people. The veggies were nicely cooked and it was best paired with a cup of steaming rice.

Chopsuey (PHP200)

Pakbet (PHP160)

The Sizzling Sisig was really good. It was served hot, really hot. It tasted good and it is best paired with an ice cold beer. Aslo a cup of rice is a good pair with it.

Sizzling Sisig (PHP160)

The dishes there was all good and what is better is that it is very affordable. It is rare to find a nice hang out place after office hours in that area and this place is perfect. The ambiance is nice, it is not that crowded and people can talk freely. They have nice service and good facilities. This place is a must try place if you are in the area. I am sure, I will be back here another time.

Trellis Restaurant
G/F Telecom Bldg., 316 Sen. Gil Puyat Ave.
Makati City, Metro Manila
Tel No: (02) 753-3312

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