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Place to Stay in Makati: Tiara Oriental Hotel

We need to deploy something in work and it needs us to be in the office at 2am in the morning. We cannot go home and go back in the middle of the night and so, our company allowed us to stay in a nearby hotel to sleep and take a short rest before going back at 2am.

They chose Tiara Oriental Hotel which is just a few blocks away from our building. It was good since we
just need to cross the street and walk for a bit to get there. It is located at Malugay corner Talisay Streets,San Antonio Village, Makati City.

Location of Tiara Oriental Hotel

As you enter the main lobby, you will be greeted with the the friendly staff at the front desk which will then verify you and ask for your ID's. Upon check in, you need to wait and they have this cozy chairs in the waiting area while waiting for your name to be called. In the lobby, you can see the small bar outside which is also operated by them. You can hang out there at night and if you just want to eat, they have a small restaurant inside which serves meals. This is also where they serve the free breakfast which comes with our reservations.

Main Lobby and front desk

Telephone booth in the lobby

Stairs to the second level

We reserved several rooms and in the one we had, three people can share. A twin bed is in one room and a single one is added on the common area. The room has a sofa and a study desk upon entering. It was really big room, much bigger than my hotel room  back in Istanbul.

Facilities and Amenities

Room Rates

The interior of the room was quite dark and gloomy for me. They partnered it with heavy curtains which makes it more dark. It has an atmosphere of an old room, and it seems you're in the 80's. I think they need to update the look of each room to make it more modern. Good thing We will just need to sleep for a night here.

main receiving area and study desk

the twin size bed


The room has a bathroom which has the basic toiletries you need. Also the room has a safe for the valuables of the guests. It also has a cable TV near the twin bed. A service phone is also available. There are also towels available for each of the guests.

The toilet and bathroom area

toiletries are complete
Generally, I didn't like the look and feel of the room. upon checking the bed sheets, the white sheets under the thick comforter were stained. Good thing there are several layers and we opted to sleep on the cleaner ones. Also, the rooms they gave us had twin beds when we reserved for separate beds for each of us. It is not that we didn't like to share beds, but we requested for that specifically. I am not sure why they gave us that kind. Also, it feels heavy in the room because of the colors of the comforter and the curtains. Maybe a bit of a make over can make the rooms look more pleasant and modern.

Their Restaurant

At breakfast, we had a meal for free. We went back at the morning to claim it. We need to get back to the room because the breakfast coupon is slid at the door at around 6am and we're not around at that time. After we got the coupons, we went to the restaurant at the lobby area and ordered their breakfast meal which comes with a plate of fruit and a cup of coffee.

coffee in the morning

Filipino Breakfast: Tapa, Fried Rice and scrambled eggs

American Breakfast: Corned beef, scrambled egg, toasted bread

Filipino Breakfast: Daing na Bangus, Fried Rice, scrambled eggs

slices of papaya for dessert

The meal was good and filling. I didn't expect the serving to be that large. I was satisfied because the meal was good and plenty. I was wondering how much it costs if we bought it individually. I guess it cost much than how it should be prices. Good thing we got it for free.

All in all, the service in the hotel was good, the toiletries and basic needs in the room was okay minus the stained sheets and heavy dark curtains. The place was comfortable enough to spend a night in. The food in their restaurant was also good and filling. Also, the staff were nice to us upon check in and check out. The rates are bit expensive but if you have the budget, it is alright. It is the average rate for a hotel in the metro. It is a recommended place to stay if ever you have business matters attending to at reasonable price.

Check them out at:

Tiara Oriental Hotel
Malugay corner Talisay Streets,
San Antonio Village, Makati City.

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