Sunday, February 12, 2012

Surfing Bagasbas with Hangloose Surfing School

It was my second time to surf and I was super excited like the first time. This time, it would be at Bagasbas Beach where the waves are much much higher than in Baler. But I am up for the challenge and nothing will make me more excited than this day!

We went to Bagasbas Beach early Sunday morning. We were all ready to take the challenge. We went to the nearest, and I think the only surf shop in the are, Hangloose Surfing School. They are found just across the street in front of the beach, beside the police station. It is quite easy to spot since they have a large signage in front.

As we got there, we were greeted by Ate Mabel who is a jolly woman. We asked her of the rates and she gladly talked to us about it. They offer a rental fee of PHP200 per surf board and PHP200 per hour for the instructor. for PHP400, you can enjoy the waves and be cool as you learn to stand on your board above the waves.

Hangloose rates

They also offer other stuff for rental such as short boards, long boards, boogie boards and skim boards. They also sell some stuff like souvenirs. They have a small space where you can ask them to leave your stuff. It was also where they put their stuff for sale and their office. They have a communal toilet area however, they don't have any place to wash up and change. We just went back to our car and let the sea water dry up on us.

Bagasbas Beach and its waves

Our session started with a lecture with the instructors. They had the same lecture as the first time I experienced surfing but they have more stuff to add to it. They first taught us the parts of the surf board, how to stand on it, and how to gain balance. They also taught us how the currents in the sea moves and we should be careful not to be pulled by it. They would only bring us to the safe area and teach us there. The instructors are certified under the Academy if Surfing Instructors (ASI) and have basic knowledge in life support and first aide training. Also they are recognized by the Department of Tourism. I am sure that you'll learn and be safe with them.

As we stepped into the sea, we all went to the far part where it was far enough for the waves to take us. It was like the beach in Baler where it was only waist deep even if you are already far from the shore. The waves however are large and it was nice to be carried by it.

As I have surfed before, it wasn't that hard for me to remember how to have balance, but since I was still a newbie, I usually get wiped out quite often. It was much difficult when you get wiped out here and walk back to the starting area. The under current is quite strong and it was a bit hard fighting it. Good thing, my instructor was nice enough to just push me when I am on the board already.

Bagasbas Waves conquerd!

After an hour, we were done however, my instructor had a round with the waves, he was really good. I learned that he was the son of Ate Mabel and he was teaching there for quite some time.

Unfortunately, we didn't have cameras and we haven't had pictures of us surfing. We just had this one shot after we all succeeded in our surfing adventure.

When you're in Bagasbas Beach, look for Hangloose Surfing School and I am sure you'll have fun learning to surf and I am sure you'll keep coming back for more.

Hangloose Surfing School
Bagasbas Beach Daet, Camarines Norte
0909 5312869 (Ate Mabel)


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