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First Run for 2012: Condura Skyway Marathon 2012: Run for the Mangroves

My first run this 2012 was with Condura Skyway Marathon 2012: Run for the Mangroves wherein you will run at Skyway. It was my first time to do it and I am excited since I pass by it everyday and now, I'm gonna run it.

The whole event was organized at Alabang near the entrance of Skyway. They built a small village there where there are booths for the events and a large stage. The participants can stay there ang enjoy themselves before and after the run. It was convenient for me to join this since it was just near our home and I can go there on commute.

There is a stage where there are a lot of performers singing and making the place alive. There are a lot of booths from different sponsors and most of them offer freebies. Most of us fall in line just to avail of the free stuff. Some stalls are selling different products and some, you can take photos in their photo booths. There is also a wall where you can write your name. By that time, there were a lot that was there and the first who wrote there was already over written. There are also places for long distance runners to rest. They offer massages for them. At the far end is the baggage counter where you can leave your stuff and you need your race bib to claim it.

A lot of runners in the Condura Village

The stage where there are performers

The race had the 3K, 5L, 10K, 16K, 21K and 42K marathon run. It was also the first race event to start at 12 midnight. This is for the full marathon where the participants need to run the whole Skyway and back. It was really far that's why I salute everyone who finished it. The race category comes in different prices upon registration, the longer the distance, the more expensive it gets. It is the most expensive run I have participated in so far but it was all worth it because it was organized pretty well.

I participated in the 5K run and it started at around 6:30 in the morning. It was quite weird to start that late and there is still the 3K event to follow, however, we still pushed through. I paid PHP750 for registration which includes the dry-fit shirt, timer tag and race bib. Also, as you finish the race, you can claim your medal and a lot of free water and energy drinks.

early morning run is really nice

There were a lot of participant in this running event and each event had a lot of waves to accomodate the thousands of runners. You can see how corwded the starting line is on the video which was from the small helecopter with a camera going around.

the whole map of the area

This event was for a good cause also. Each runner who registered will have three mangrove seedling to be donated and planted. Since there were a lot of participants, I think it will build a really large forest of mangroves.

The race course consist of several up hill since you will start at the ramp going to Skyway. After that, it was all flat and good. On the longer distance, there are some uphills going to the different U-turn spots. There are also a lot of hydration stations along the way and it really gets crowded with thirsty runners. They also have a lot of portalets for those who needs a quick break from the run. There are a lot of martials along the way that guides you, also there are signs on what kilometer you already finished and how many more to reach the finish line. There are also standby wheel chairs and first aid stations in case of emergency. It was really a well organized run and it was really nice.

5K zone map

It was really nice to run that morning. The sun was slowly rising and the cool air from the Skyway is refreshing. I didn't feel much tired from it, besides, it was good to be running there with all of the other runners that you pass by. I feel faster and much more fit. I think I can run longer distance the next time.

Walls where you can write your name

My name on the wall :)

After finishing the race, there are a lot of hydrating stations around that gives water and energy drink. I went back to the village to get some more free stuff and also my medal. I was so happy to have recieved a medal since it was my first. I appreciated it and felt that my months of regular running paid off. I was fit and happy with it.

My first running medal! ^.^

After a while, I got to check the race results online and I was glad I improved a little bit. Just a few seconds but it was all okay.

My 5K run official race time (the 00:36:19 one)

race results can be found here:

It was nice to have run again and to have run in one of the major events in running was a really good experience. I would definitely do this again next year. Maybe on the 10K category or higher. I hope I could do it!

Condura Skyway Marathon 2012: Run for the Mangroves

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