Sunday, August 7, 2011

Backpacks by Sandugo

I always wanted to buy a heavy duty backpack for travelling since my Jansport got damaged and I am worried that if I keep on using it with my trips, it might completely get ruined, that is why I decided to buy a bigger backpack dedicated to my 2 or more days of out of town trips (where my Jansport couldn't carry much of my stuff). I am looking on different brands but my brother suggested I try Sandugo since it was the one he is using.

I went to their store in Festival Supermall to look for the bags. I had difficulty in deciding since I wanted something big but isn't too big enough for me (since I am just small). So I went there for 2 months contemplating on the design I want and finally, I decided to buy a Ascent 40L backpack, perfect for my up coming Singapore - Kuala Lumpur trip.

The bag has a built in rain cover which will protect it against rain. Also, the front pocket can be removed and be converted into a mini bag if ever you wanted something smaller to bring. The inside is really big and is adjustable by the use of the straps outside. You can put a large number of stiff inside. My clothes and other toiletries fit perfectly and I still have some room for pasalubong when I get back home. Also, this pack has a space for a bladder which is good when you climb. I just wish I can use it one day if ever I buy a bladder for one of my climbs.

Front view of my new bag

Back view

Overall, the bag is perfect fit for me. It made me look a real backpacker and it feels so cool. I hope I have lots of trips to use this since I wanted my Jansport to retire.

Oh! another nice thing about this is that it has a lifetime warranty wherein you just bring the bag back to the store and they be the one to repair it. For more info about their products, visit them at:



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