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Movie Nights: Ang Babae sa Septic Tank

I first saw Ang Babae sa Septic Tank trailer in You Tube and I wanted to see it at that moment, however, since it was part of Cinemalaya, I am not sure where it will be shown. I learned that you can catch it at UP Film Center and that place is way too far from me, plus, I don't know anyone whom I can invite and so, I let this pass.

As I was watching with my mom on her soaps, I saw the trailer being shown on TV and I was surprised that they will be showing it in cinemas starting August 3. I was so excited and asked some friends and they gladly said that they would also watch however, our Friday movie night was postponed and I was left with no one to watch it. Monday comes and Irish invited me to watch with Marjun and I gladly accepted! Hooray! I get to watch Ang Babae sa Septic Tank!

**spoiler alert**

The story of Ang Babae sa Septic Tank is about a group of independent film makers who wanted to create an award winning film. Direk Rainier, who is played by Kean Cipriano,  is the Director which has all the wild ideas for the film. Bimbong, played by JM de Guzman, is the producer of the film who, despite of the tight budget, gives Rainier all he wanted in the movie. They are joined by their assistant Jocelyn who does not have any dialogues in the film.

The whole film started in a dump site featuring the story of Mila, a mother of seven children whom she needs to raise. She gives them instant noodles for their meal showing the state of their lives. They were very very poor. Eventually, Mila bathed one of her child and brought her in a condo unit. Here we will see that she will give her child to a foreigner which is a pedophile. She will eventually walk away aimlessly and cry for what she have done.

As the trio continuously discuss the film, they thought of changes in it such as changing the child to a boy and even changing the way they will deliver it like being a musical or a documentary style. Their ideas are wild but it shows repeatedly the message of Mila's story.

They went to Eughene Domingo whom they were eyeing for the role of Mila. They argued if this would be a good idea or if she would be replaced by Cherry Pie Picacher or other actresses but Bingbong instead that they cast Eugene. As they talk to Eugene, she had different demands on the film and also, her own version of it. She also introduced the audiences to her different acting style which are:

  • Elevator Cating
  • TV Patrol Acting
  • Where is As is Acting
which are all equally funny. Their meetup ended wen she asked if she really need to do the septic tank scene and she only agreed if she will have a double.

The next part of the film is their tour around Payatas where they plan to shoot the whole project. They toured the slums and in the end, saw that their car was being robbed by the people there leaving them with nothing.
Scene fades to each of them reaching home and resting from their experience that day.

The last part of the film was the septic tank scene where in Eugene's double would go down but eventually as she was walking backwards, she fall and landed in the pile of shit. It was disgusting end to the film. :P

**spoiler ends**

Overall the film was nice. A bit of dull moments but the comedy scenes are enjoyable. We were all laughing endlessly in some scenes. The message of the story is a bit not highlighted as it was repeatedly shown in different approach. However, it was great and I enjoyed it. Thankfully someone invited me to watch this. I really had fun! 

Watch their trailer here:

For more info about Cinemalaya, visit them at:

Cinemalaya Philippine Independent Film Festival

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