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Backpacking Kuala Lumpur: KL Tower Tour

Our first destination on Malaysia the morning we got there was the KL Tower which is a telecom tower that you can go up to and see Malaysia's panoramic view of the city. It is seventh tallest telecommunication tower in the world.

We got there from Fern Loft Inn we stayed in for the night through their train system. Just like in Singapore, they also have train systems that could take you to the different parts of Kuala Lupur. From Chinatown, we went to Pasar Seni Station and got off to Dang Wangi Station. From there, you can see KL Tower and Petronas Tower from afar.

We thought that KL Tower was near since we can already see it but as we asked the people who walks around there, it seems that it is a long way going there. We walked the road going around the large wall where we can see the tower. It turns out that it was a long way going to the tower. We continued to walk until we reached Bukit Nanas Forest Reserve which is an Eco park. We entered there and had a short hike up the forest trail. There were squirrels all around and it is the first time I saw one. It was nice to have been close to nature for a while.

Entrance to Bukit Nanas Forest Reserve
Trail going to KL Tower
The Bukit Nanas Forest Reserve is the oldest permanent forest reserve in Malaysia. It can be found on the heart of Kuala Lumpur. You can explore the trails and see nature up close. Activities there include hiking, bird watching, camp, or just enjoy the flora and fauna around. It is a peaceful and relaxing place to visit if your up for a bit of an adventure with nature.

After a while of walking and hiking up, we finally saw the KL Tower. We were so happy (and a bit tired) to see it. Then we realized that we could take a cab and it would drop us off the tower itself. We were a bit disappointed but we just thought that if we took the cab, we wouldn't be on the Bukit Nanas Forest Reserve. We were still thankful to have this mini adventure here.

As we get close to KL Tower, we entered  Malaysia Cultural Village which is a mini exhibition of the culture of Malaysia. It was fun seeing the things they have on display here like the Malay traditional houses and games. Almost all of it are the same as that of the Philippines. It was like looking at our own culture too. This made me realize that we all indeed came from the same raise, the Malays, and it also made me rethink of all the things they taught me back in school about our history. They also showed the history of KL Tower back from when it was constructed in 1991 all the way when it was finished in 1995.

Malaysia Cultural Village entrance

Traditional Malay house

Malay instruments

similar to the traditional instruments in Mindanao

Soon, we all went to the tower to go up and see the view of Malaysia from there. We bought a ticket worth RM45.00 which includes the tour up the tower and one free activity. You can choose from F1 Racing Simulator, Pony Ride or KL Tower Animal Zone. We opted for the F1 Racing Simulator which can be found at the lower level of the tower.

tickets for RM45

We all gathered to go up the tower, but before that, they took a group photo of us all at the entrance. They gave us a stub so we can buy the photo afterwards. After that, they guided us up an elevator which takes us all the way up. It was a bit long ride in the elevator since its only stop is the top floor. We got there after a while and as the doors open, we are welcomed with a lot of tourists and crews all looking around.

Picture taking at the elevator

Some of the tourists were given a headset where there is a small clip that they can watch and listen too. We were not given any and I don't know why. We thought that maybe it was because it was in another language, however, we didn't mind. We toured around the viewing deck and we were all amazed on the panoramic view of the city below us. You can really see all of the sites from up there. I traced the path I know from up there and it was amazingly fun. From up there, you can also see Patronas Tower which we planned to visit in the afternoon.

At the other side of the tower are facts wherein you can see some facts and info about the tower. They have this wall where they display all the telecommunication towers in the world and rank them according to height. Some of them I know and some I just learned there. It was interesting to have known these facts. Also, among those are souvenir shops where you could buy something to take home. I bought a shot glass which is one of the things I collect. It was quite expensive but we got a bargain of RM25 for two. We shared it and it saved us about RM8 for each. I think most of the stuff they sell there are quite expensive so choose the stuff you buy wisely. Another good thing there is that the sales lady is a Filipina and I get to talk to her to give us a discount. It was good thing she was there that it wasn't that hard to communicate to the locals there.

Telco towers of the world (sorry, i cant get them all in frame >.<)

After seeing the 360 degrees view, we decided to go down and go to the F1 Racing Simulator. We rested for a while and looked around the shops at the ground floor. We also saw the photo we had upon entry to the tower and it was really expensive, so we just looked at it. We proceed to the lower level of the tower to the arcade like area where the F1 Racing Simulator is.

F1 Racing Simulator
The F1 Racing Simulator is like playing an arcade game and you get to drive a car on a race track. You sit on an F1-like booth and you get control of the steering wheel and the accelerator/gas and brakes on your foot. At first I thought it was really like the arcade games so I get to push on the accelerator all and drive like a maniac, but the crew told me to press the accelerator lighter and I realized that I am not good at this thing since I don't know how to drive. And it made me realize, that I am not a good driver if ever.

Playing the F1 Simulator game

I got through the race at 9th place (I think) and I totally sucked. But I realized that I learned a bit on driving to this. I think I want to learn real driving after this (haha! good luck on my passengers!).

After that we realized that we should have availed the KL Tower Animal Zone instead when we saw the parrots/birds outside. We just took pictures of them and after a while we hailed a cab going to our next destination, KLCC where the Patronas Tower is.

Parrot at KL Animal Zone

at the KL Animal Zone entrance
Cabs are found at the lower level of the KL Tower and they have a fix rate to our destination which is good because we know that we are not being tricked by the cab drivers. It was a nice trip to this place and it is one of the few places you should go to when you are in Kuala Lumpur. We are thankful that we got lost and that we got to tour the forest reserve which is also part of the KL Tower. It is a nice place so go visit it!

For details on KL Tower check them out at:

Menara Kuala Lumpur
NBo 2, Jalan Puncak
Off Jalan P. Ramlee
50250 Kuala Lumpur
Tel : +6 03 2020 5448

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