Sunday, August 14, 2011

Dinner at Sizzlin' Pepper Steak

It was a Friday and we have nothing to do after our busy day at the office and so we decided to have some dinner to start our weekend. We went to Glorietta 5 and picked a place to eat. We decided to have dinner at Sizzlin' Pepper Steak.

Located at the 3rd level of Glorietta 5Sizzlin' Pepper Steak occupies a small area along the other restaurants in the place. It has a small interior but seats are extended outside for those who prefer to dine outside with open air. Their crew immediately assisted us upon arrival and got us to a table for 5. They gave us the menu and instructed us to flip their "moo - flip" card in case we are ready to order.

Stop means everything is fine with us

moo-oove means we are ready to order or we need something

We checked the menu and the dishes they serve here are all with pepper rice. Most are also served in a hot plate. These dishes are served really sizzling hot and the meat is a bit raw that you need to quickly stir the dish upon serving to cook the meat according to your taste. The prices here are a bit pricey for each dish and so we opted to order a set meal for four plus some additional dishes to go with 5 people.

We had the Sizzlin' Mania Set Meal which consist of 2 Corn Soup, 2 Egg Drop SoupPork Pepper RiceBeef Pepper RicePeppered Chicken SteakMushroom Gravy Hamburg and glasses of soda. We had an additional Beef Pepper Rice and a basket of Calamares to share to all.

Glasses of Soda (part of set meal P919)

Corn Soup (part of set meal P919)

Egg Drop Soup (part of set meal P919) 

Beef Pepper Rice (part of set meal P919; solo P200)

Pork Pepper Rice (part of set meal P919)

Mushroom Gravy Hamburg (part of set meal P919)

Peppered Chicken Steak (part of set meal P919)
I had the Peppered Chicken Steak of the set meal and it was good. I needed to cut it in small pieces so that I was sure everything was well cooked. The veggies go well with this and they also serve a cup of rice which I hardly consumed. The chicken itself is already filling. What I didn't like is that the gravy they gave me was the mushroom gravy which didn't go well with it. I realized late that it was for the other meal and the gravy for this is the other one which matches it better. I was quite disappointed that they gave me the wrong gravy but it was still good. The soups too were good. Finishing the bowl was enough to fill my tummy so I only tasted it. The Corn Soup was my favorite since it was creamy and the corn bits adds texture in it. The Egg Drop soup was also nice but I like the other one better.

Calamares (P288)
This yummy Calamares was very good. Deep fried into golden brown and a dip to go with it, it was a nice side dish, or even a meal itself. This is good for 2-3 people but more can share if paired with their dishes.

All the dishes are filling and has a large serving. We were all full after finishing it all. What I really didn't like was the store was closing up so they gave us our bill just in the middle of our meal. We were all eating and we didn't know if we need to immediately pay them. Good thing they allowed us to pay-up after we're done. It was quite not right to be counting or holding money when we are in the middle of eating. Their service is good otherwise. They are all keen whenever we flip our cards on the table and so they attend to us immediately.

We were the last people in the store so they are all waiting for us to leave. It was a nice meal even if it was a bit late. They had served us well and the dishes are all good. So try them out if you want to have a good meal, pretty large serving however, you need to prepare some budget for it. Visit them at:

Sizzlin' Pepper Steak
3rd Level Glorietta 5
Ayala Center, Makati City

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