Monday, August 29, 2011

Backpacking Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: Traveling with Aeroline

After our Little India Tour, we all headed to Harbourfront Centre where the departure of Aeroline Bus are. You can actually travel from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia by land. You can opt to ride a sleeper train going there or board a bus going straight to Malaysia. Our first option was the train, however, we cannot access their website and booking there had been difficult, and so, we opted to go with Aeroline which is a sleeper bus that takes about 5 hours from Singapore all the way to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

As we got to  Harbourfront Centre, we waited for the departure time. It was a wrong move since we should be getting some boarding pass first. It was a good thing the crew of Aeroline were nice and they let us get our boarding pass first before leaving Singapore. It was a bit stressful because we thought that they would leave us but as we aboard the huge bus, we were all relaxed because of its cozy ambiance.

Our ticket cost around Php3500 roundtrip (SG-LK-SG) and it was pre-booked before we arrived at Singapore. It was hassle free since the website is a convenient way to book and also, it is an advantage since we could pay it later when our credit card bill arrives giving us more pocket money for our trip.

The bus consist of the first deck which is mainly a lounge, a small pantry, a comfort room (which you cannot do a number 2,and we recommend not to use it when bus is in motion since it is very small and you could hit your head anytime there) and the driver's area. The upper deck is where the guests get to stay during the whole trip. It has comfy large seats with earphone docks and small TV's for the long ride. The crew also gives blankets and head sets to each of us making is more comfortable.
Aeroline amenities
As our journey begun, we are welcomed with the crew and driver. It was like riding a plane with them. They instructed us on the rules, and everything we need to know while on the trip. Soon, as we were getting comfortable and ready to sleep, we arrives at the boundary of Singapore and Malaysia where we need to alight the bus and get to immigration. The process took less than 30 minutes both going to the two countries' immigration. As we got back to the bus, we all settled once again, and soon food arrived. We were served with a meal of Chicken Rice and a bottle of water. The meal was yummy and serving is plenty. I was so hungry that day that the meal we had was so good. The chicken and all the side dish goes well together. It was then that we got addicted to chicken rice, which became our staple food on our stay there. After the hearty meal, we were served with either coffee, tea or hot choco. We opted for the hot choco that had put us all into deep sleep afterwards.

Our dinner for the night
Yummy chicken rice (sorry a bit dark)

After viewing some movies, sleeping for a couple of hours, we arrived on our destination, Corus Hotel, Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur. We all grabbed our bags and bid goodbye to the friendly crew of Aeroline at this location.

At Corus Hotel, Jalan Ampang Kuala Lumpur, the next day, we all went after our tour around Kuala Lmpur. At around 6pm, we waited for Aeroline bus for our journey back to Singapore. We already have our boarding pass at that time and we were not hassled for it. We boarded the bus and this time the bus was slightly different. Instead of the individual LCD TV's on each seat, there is a large screen where all can watch (you just need to tune in your headset at a certain number to listen to the sounds). it was quite difficult for us since our place was a bit far from the screen and so we all opted to just listen to music. The crew from Malaysia to Singapore were Malaysians so the English was more difficult to understand than those crew from Singapore. However, they are all equally friendly and they get to our every needs.

Our food arrived shortly and this time, it was pasta, hash brown, chicken balls and brownies. It was all good too but not as filling as what we had the day before. The pasta was a bit dry already but it was still good. We also had some hot drinks after and soon we were dozing off to sleep.

Pasta, hash brown and chicken balls with brownies. YUM!

After a few hours, we had a stop over and we were all surprised by it. They say that we also had that stop over the day before but we were all asleep so no one noticed. Some of us bought some random stuff at the grocery and most of us stayed at the bus and rested. Afterwards. we all slept again as the journey continued. We were all awaken again for the immigration as we arrived the border of Malaysia and Singapore. We did the routine quickly and got back to the bus. After about an hour, we were back at Harbourfront Center where our journey ended.

It was a nice experience riding Aeroline. We felt so pampered and well rested even if it was a long journey. I hope they also have this here since most of the places here that is through land travel are more than that long compared to the 5 hour trip we had. It was a bit expensive but with the service we had, it was all worth it. Friendly crew, cozy ambiance, comfortable and good service, what more can you ask for? I would definitely ride this again if ever I get back at Singapore or Malaysia.

For more information on Aeroline and all their other destinations visit them at:



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