Sunday, August 7, 2011

Weekend Photoshop Workshop

I have really no Idea what I was saying yes when a friend of mine told me that we should attend a workshop on that weekend. At first I thought it was just a mini photography class but I later found out (after signing up) that it was a Photoshop Workshop with Parc Cruz which I have got not a single idea of whatever.

I know Photoshop but I only use it to re-size my photos. I am really not sure how those tools work and if I have time, I play around with it, not really paying attention on what it is for. So basically, I came to the workshop with zero knowledge of everything. I didn't know that I would feel like an expert after that day's session.

Sir Parc fixing his stuff

The session is scheduled to last the whole day. We were required to bring some laptops installed with Photoshop CS5 (recommended) or the lower versions of it. We met Parc early that morning. I now know why the name sounds familiar, he is a Nikon endorser and I previously saw him on one of Nikon's ads (yes, sorry guys, I'm a bit of a loser on the photography world >.<) He looks so cool and when he presented his works, we were all amazed of how amazing his processed photos where. And the good thing about it is that he will share with us his techniques on how he created those master pieces.

He started with the basics. He taught us on the different tools on CS5 and how to use them (just what I need).   After that session, we were allowed to edit some of his raw photos. The next part is he showed us some techniques he use and it was very simple yet it makes the photo really amazing. I really learned a lot on it.

Here are some example of my work that day:

Before post processing

After post processing
Before post processing

After post processing

If you also want to learn about post processing using Photoshop, contact him through The session cost P2,500 but I am sure it is worth it.

Check out all his works here:

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