Sunday, January 15, 2012

Lunch Out Series: Adobo Connection

It has been a while when we dines out and eat out for lunch since we got out of our mid shift schedule. We decided to eat on a nearby place since we still have a lot to finish in the office and we decided to try out Adobo Connection in Dela Rosa.

Located at the Dela Rosa Car Park, along Dela Rosa Street in Makati City, besides the array of restaurants is Adobo Connection. It is a small place just beside ElarZ. It was just small and can accommodate around 20 people. As you enter, you are greeted with the crew from the counter which is just a few feet from the main door. You get to order there and food is served to you.

The place is nicely decorated and has good lighting. It has a friendly ambiance that is nice to hang out with friends. The tables and chairs can be re-arranged as you please depending of the number of people who'd eat. It was nice and comfortable staying there.

counter area

At that time, there are a few people dining in even if it was still lunch time. The food was served right away and we didn't wait long for it. It was served hot. The crew assisted us in our needs and all the stuff we need are available at the counter.

We had the Modern Adobo Set Meal and Pork Adobo Flakes Set Meal. It was a unique way to serve adobo and it was very interesting. The set meal comes with rice and an iced tea. They served other dishes and some are good for sharing.

Modern Adobo (PHP129)

The Modern Adobo was a unique dish. It's sauce was different and has a hint of herbs and spices and tomato sauce in it. It has a mild hint of spiciness. It was good paired with rice. I liked it since it has a different taste and it doesn't seem like you're eating adobo.

Adobo Flakes (PHP99)

I get to taste a bit of the Adobo Flakes and it was also good, Though it was dry and I couldn't get much of the adobo flavor, pairing it with rice and egg was still good.

The food there was good and it was filling. I like that the serving is large enough and the over all taste was good. It was unique and it is nice to try something new for a while.

Try them out at:

Adobo Connection
Dela Rosa Carpark
Makati City, Metro Manila
(02) 466-2262

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